Market Helper – spoof your Android device to download incompatible apps from the Android Market


*** USE AT YOUR OWN RISK *** I’ll not take responsibility for anything happen to you or your account


What is this?

Market Helper is a tool for Android that helps users to be able to change/fake their rooted devices to any other devices. For example, it can turn your Nexus 7 into Samsung Galaxy S3 in a few seconds. No reboot is required.

Why do I need to use this?

To download and install incompatible apps from Android Market / Google Play Market on your devices. For example, if you want to install Viber on your Nexus 7, switch it to Samsung Galaxy S3 and you’ll can. Or if you change your DPI value, you’ll find this app very useful.

( I’ll update this section later ;P )

Why is this app awesome?

– It DOES NOT touch your build.prop or any system files so it’s easier and safer.

– You don’t have to reboot the device to update the change.

– You can switch back your device to original state anytime, by using “Restore” feature or simply by rebooting your device ( with wifi/3g is enabled )

– Totally free

Download link

I do not upload this app to the Google Play Store or anywhere else. It’s only available here, on this blog, for free

Market Helper 2.0.4 ( 2016/01/28 )

Supports: Android 2.3+ devices with Android Market / Google Play Store + Google Services Framework installed

Tested on Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy S3, running JellyBean 4.1.2

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How to use?

1. Download and install the app:

2. Open the app. Select the device and carrier you want to change to

3. Press Activate. Wait until it’s done

4. IMPORTANT: go to Android Device Manager  to update the change ( just visit the page, you don’t need to do anything ). I’ll find a way to bypass this step in later versions

5. Have fun. Now you can download apps that you couldn’t before.

If you want to switch back to normal, select “Restore” in device list and press “Activate”, or simply reboot the device ( with wifi/3g is enabled )

Please keep in mind that you can install incompatible apps doesn’t mean that those apps will 100% work on your device, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t go to Google Play Store and complain about it on the comment section or email the developer. I’m a developer too and I really hate when it happens. Thanks 🙂

Why does this app require so many permissions?

I know some of you will ask this question, so I’ll explain it.

android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE ( read phone status and identity ) : get your phone operator

android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE ( modify or delete the contents of your USB Storage + Test access to protected storage ) : read and write files on your external storage ( sdcard )

– android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE + android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE + android.permission.INTERNET ( full network access ) : access the internet

– android.permission.AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS + android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS + android.permission.USE_CREDENTIALS ( create accounts and set passwords + find accounts on the device + use accounts on the device ) : find current account on your device

– ( read Google service configuration ) : get your authentication token for two services C2DM and ANDROIDMARKET. Those tokens will be used for checking in

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


Q #01: Help, I can’t restore my device back to original state.

A: Please follow these steps:

  1. Reboot your device with wifi / 3g enabled
  2. Login into Android Device Manager
  3. Visit and see if your device is back to original state

Q #02: My device doesn’t change to new device

A: Please follow these steps:

  1. Login into Android Device Manager
  2. Visit and see if your device is back to original state

Q #03: I got the error “Token not found”

A: If you got that error, please contact me or write the comment below about what Android version you’re using, device name… That’ll help me debug the problem. Thanks


2.0.4: 2016/01/28

– Fix “Cannot send device config” error.


2.0.3: 2015/07/21

– Fix multiple crashes.

2.0.2: 2015/07/20

– Rewritten completely with new UI + API. Hopefully it will be faster and less bugs.

– Bug fixes.

– If you have problem with this version, please switch back to 2.0-beta.

2.0-beta: 2014/08/20

– Move devices list to server, so it’ll be easier to add more devices.

– Bug fixes

1.1 : 02/23/2013

– Supports Froyo

– Supports multiple accounts

– Adds ability to fake operator

– Add some devices

– Multiple bug fixes

1.01 : 02/14/2013

– Fixes “Token not found” error on some 2.3.x devices

1.0 : 02/13/2013

– Initial version

Upcoming features

There are some interesting features that will be added in later versions. I’ll give more information sometime later. So stay tuned


Android Police – [New App] Market Helper Lets You Download Incompatible Apps Without Changing The Build.prop (Root Only)

Market Helper helps with incompatible apps dowloads, root required

Incompatible Android apps? You can download them with Market Helper

The Ultimate Guide to Installing Incompatible Android Apps from Google Play


Thanks to Stericson for his RootTools


If you love Market Helper ( or APK Downloader ) and find it useful, please consider make a donation.  It will help me continue working on this app. I would really appreciate that 🙂

Sorry for my English, and greetings from Vietnam 🙂

If you want to download APK on Google Play Store on your Chrome/Firefox, try APK Downloader, another product from me.

Screenshot 2014-08-07 11.30.12

  • Mahdi

    I run this app but it give me error “Token not found”

    • Mahdi

      My device is GT-S5670 running android 2.3.6

      • Did your device come with Android Market? Which market version are you using?

        • Mahdi

          Yes i am using stock rom with market on it , Google Play store v3.5.16

          • Please try again with version 1.01 . Hope it works

          • Mahdi

            Thanks form you and your effort it works nice my device become GT-19003 in Google play store but what about android version of it? i can not download apps for android 4 or later because of device android version can it simulate it?

          • Sorry but you cant download apps that require Android version higher than yours

  • www

    this item cannot be installed in your device’s country.

    • What? There is no country restriction in this app

  • Vince

    I tried Market Helper version 1.01 with androVM (virtual machine running Android 4.1.1 + gapps & tools) : that doesn’t work. I have the same error message “Token not found” !

    Rem: my android virtual device is identified as “Unknown AndroVM for VirtualBox (‘Phone’ version)”

    • please download and install again. I realized that I uploaded the wrong version. Sorry about that

      • Vince

        Yeps ! Now, it works on AndroVM !
        Very good work, thanks you !

        • thanks for reporting 😀

      • Vince

        Perfect, it works, thanks you !

  • Mahdi


    i use this app in my GT-S5670 with Android 2.3.6 and Play Store 3.5.16
    now in play store it will show just my device name as GT-19300
    then i try to download some apps that is not compatible with my GT-S5670 but compatible with S3 but google play store says:

    This app is incompatible with your T-Mobile Samsung GT-I9300.
    app is compatible with GT-19300 but i think when running play store it send some information to google that override your app changes.

    because i run play store in my device after running your apps

    • Mahdi

      sorry it fixed bu visiting Google Play Store Settings Pages (my order and settings )and thanks a lot
      now app show Compatible

      • Thanks for reporting. I’m glad that it works 🙂

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  • Change my One X to Galaxy S3, however cannot revert back using restore or reboot. Already do couple of syncing, the model still unchanged on PlayStore.

  • Any chance of this getting open sourced?
    Also, could you detail the permissions used please?

    • Was wondering about this as well. I’m not trying to start something, but it seems to me that an app like this that uses so many permissions, and root, should probably be open source so the code can be checked by the community to make sure it’s safe to use.

      • I know people will ask about these permissions. I’ll update this post and explain about those permissions. But I’m totally sure this app doesn’t do anything suspicious

    • I just added exlaination about those permissions. Please check it
      About it getting open sources, I’ll think about this.

      • Thanks.

        • redphx please explain further. what files does it read or write off the sd card and for what, what websites does it access on the internet and for what, etc.? all your explanation says is that it can read everything in my google account, read everything in my sd card, and transmit (send) what it has read to anybody on the web.

    • BrainOfSweden

      It requires root, so it already has all kinds of permissions right?

      • That’s true, but it’s still nice to know what the legit ones are used for.

  • Hi i have this installed on my GT-P5113 a.k.a (Galaxy Tab 2 10.1″) with i think the os number is 4.1.1 it’s jellybean anyhow :p my problem is this after changing to any of the devices listed app that were not compatible with my device are still shown as that and will not install. do i have to go to play store via web browser? or is this supossed to work in the play store on the device? because it’s not. dashboard is showing the device but it still lists the real model of the device as well too :-/ is it supposed to? please help i not sure why its not working

    • please check the Question #2 in the FAQs section

      • ok followed Q # 2 no my device is not back to its original state so… what do i do now?

  • It’s a nice app, but it would be nicer if it would set the spoof on boot and log into the dashboard in the background (assuming that’s necessary).

    • maybe it’ll be available in later versions. Thanks

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  • When I try install the Market Helper my phone (rooted ZTE Blade gen3 with Froyo, unknown sources is checked) is pops up this message: “Parse error
    There is a problem parsing the package.”
    So my device is too old for install the app what’s sold the problem to install incompatible apps to my device? 😀 🙁

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  • harrygsq

    If I have 3 accounts in my phone which account will be change?first one or all of them?

    • currently only the first one will be changed. I’ll support more accounts soon

  • harrygsq

    I tried and found if I have 3 google accounts in my phone.only first account work.But the other two account cant buy anything besides which is compatible before,like google maps….and any Android 4.0+ apps
    My phone is milestone 2 CM10 4.1.2…

    • I’ll add this feature soon ( hopefully it’ll be available tomorrow )

  • Franz

    Now this is awesome! Thanks for this peace of genius! Any chance to have a google TV device emulated…

    • Thanks. I’ll add Google TV once I have its device specifications

      • Apoorva Iyer

        I second this request. If I can download Amazon Instant Video to my device (which is only visible to Google TV’s on the Play Store), I’d be VERY happy! 🙂

  • Johnny Zhang

    Dear Sir, I have two google accounts on my device, and the one being used in Google Play is the 2nd one in system google account page. But this software could use the 1st one only. Hope your software will be able to select the account in the future. Thanks.

    • I’ll add this feature soon ( hopefully it’ll be available tomorrow )

      • Johnny Zhang

        Thanks a lot for your kindly support and quick response.

        • Please wait for another few days. Currently I have a pretty crappy Internet connection so it’s hard for me to work

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  • Neem

    Can’t install. It say parse error

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  • Becky

    HI! I am your reader from Beijing. Could you tell me that how to lauch the whole google play ? You know in China the apps are not complete. So please tell me the solution if you like. Thanks. 🙂

    • please wait for later versions. I’m planning to add this feature soon

      • BeckyGuo

        Thx. Hope you finish it ASAP. Cause we expect it!

        • Version 1.1 is now available. Check it out

          • BeckyGuo

            I can read the fist link. But the second link said:404. That’s an error.The requested URL / was not found on this server. That’s all we know. 🙁

          • BeckyGuo

            PS: I open that link BY GoAgent.

  • Jagadiswar Jaggari

    Please add Google TV also in the list of devices

    • I’m trying to find its device specifications

      • Jagadiswar Jaggari

        Were you able to find it?

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  • can not, why there is written cannnot checkin 🙁

  • can not, why there is written cannnot checkin 🙁

  • 华锋 刘

    my sim operator is china mobile. please add the function to fake it. 😛

    • i’m working on it

      • 华锋 刘

        thx a lot

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  • V. 1.01. Not working on Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 with Android 2.3.6, rooted.. Token not found.

    • Does it work for you with version 1.1? If not, can you help me debug it? Please contact me at redphoenix89(at)yahoo[dot)com . Thanks

  • Could you please add the ability to fake the network operator so that we can download apps only available in particular country?

    • i’m working on it 🙂

  • kernelpanic

    I reverted to stock DPI of my phone and rebooted, but the play store still shows the fake manufacturer and model number. Any method to fix this ?

  • 小黄

    thanks a lot for this app. But for some apps, it says missing shared library, what does that mean???

    • which one?

      • 小黄

        various apps on freemyapps such as blood brothers, ninja royale

      • dvdbarnyard

        Same here, I tried installing the Circus Circus app, as well as Luxor Las Vegas app, and both give me the “Missing Shared Library” message. I am able to see both, and download both (which I wasn’t able to do before getting Market Helper), I just can’t install them because of that message.

  • J.A.N.C.O.K

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  • PopeJamal

    This wouldn’t happen to work for the Amazon App store as well, would it?
    Awesome app!

    • I haven’t looked that the Amazon App Store yet, so I don’t know if it’s possible or not

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  • CommanderWaffles

    Please consider adding the ability to spoof your network operator like the called Market Enabler. Thanks ;D

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  • Will this allow me to download tegra-optimized apps on my non-tegra tablet and smartphone?

    • Haven’t tested this yet. Maybe you can download them, but it doesn’t mean the app can run on your device

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  • bevan11

    Amazing app, only thing is if you could make phone look like nexus 4 to get apps like dashclock widget then perfect 🙂

    • Try version 1.1 🙂

      • Thanks for the update. Now finally works on my ZTE Blade. Keep it up!. 🙂

  • az

    This is a fukin joke this app done exactly what you dictated to do judt errors im on s3 now all my google accounts are messed up cant recieve from server some error code ive rebooted even deted the jsan file on sdcard now I have to reinstall everything from scratch you had good idea but never tested it properly now others suffer thankd a lot

  • reza4913

    my phone is htc nexus one and not root yet. pleas help me for root it. tanks


    That’s too bad

    Google play on PC says that I have device what I changed and when I try to Download it Through Pc it says

    (Oops, we had a trouble woth your request . Try again later )

    On my device Market isn’t changed
    What I Gonna do ?

  • Thiago Gianelo

    Did not work for me. =(

  • Samsung GT-S5360L

    This device is not ROOTED. I will add support to unrooted devices in later versions.

    Help me please !

    Gretings from Argentina

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  • Geekyboy12

    Excellent App. Does exactly what it says and the instructions couldn’t be easier to follow. Are you working on an app that will tell installed software that the device is something else? e.g. I can now install Sky Go on my Kindle Fire HD, but it will not play as the device itself is incpompatable.

  • Howdy, On my rooted N7, it doesn’t list any devices under ‘Select Device’ other than ‘Restore’.
    Any guidance?
    Cheers, Wyatt.
    EDIT: I’m an idiot. Poked at ‘Restore’ and found the drop-down list. Thanks for the bitchin’ app!

  • Sunny

    wooww amazing work thanks its really big help worked like charm on my motrola milestone / driod a853 big relief from those fool play dvelpors mistake woh ondt allow to install some appss

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  • Randy S

    Not working on my EVO View 4G. When I go into the dashboard, it still shows as an EVO View. Look forward to being able to use this to install Chrome on the Honeycomb OS, though, so please help! 🙂

    • Randy S

      P.S. Even though it still shows as an EVO View 4G, I tried to download Chrome in the Play Store and it still says “Your device isn’t compatible with this version.”

  • mayur

    does not work

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  • Patrick Lyddy

    Works perfectly fine on Sprint Note2 using a 4.1.2 based ROM. Installed Chameleon and DashClock without issue!

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  • Etienne Hilson

    Hi, thank you very much for this great application.
    Unfortunately, it does not work on my Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000)
    It is rooted and the rom installed is MIUI
    I would have loved your app because (too) many apps are set as not compatible even if they work correctly.
    I am developer as well, so don’t hesitate to ask me more info or send me some test app to provide you more details. I would be pleased to help (and donate if the app is working for me 😉 )
    Have fun and go on this way for android freedom 🙂

    Some details about “not working” :
    Installation ok, choose the phone galaxy s3, push apply, alllow root permissions, visit google dashboard
    My “old” galaxy note is still present and no trace of any s3.
    Tried a second time, refresh page, clean data and cache for google play, … no success till now.

    • I’m glad that it worked. There is an known issue that sometime it took about 5-10 mins to take effect. I’m looking into it 🙂

  • JayYeasmin
    • It’s not my account. As I said, I do not upload this app to anywhere else. Someone stole my app and put it on the store. I tried to report it but it isn’t taken down. Please help me report it. Thanks

  • Paul Millard

    Hi there, great app, but still having trouble installing an incompatible game for my Sony xperia play. No matter which tablet or phone settings I use, I cannot download the game called Cyder Arcade HD. The game does however download onto my tablet device: Archos 97 Carbon.. Any suggestions?

    • Apologies, I meant Syder Arcade HD.

      • hmm, that’s weird

        • MIke

          because of the android version I have same problem. I can not download apps that has different android version

  • thu ya

    I can’t activate.During activating,market helper crash.Conflict with market unlocker?

    • Thanks for reporting. I’ll look into it

  • I’m on a Chinese Tablet (Onda V812) and it says Token not found. On what does it depends whether it works or not, why does it work on some devices and why not on other devices. Cam on anh from Duc!

    • hi there, can you contact me at redphoenix89 [at] yahoo (dot) com? I need your help to debug this problem. Thanks

  • darasovci

    It doesn’t work, when I try to download app, it cannot be downloaded

    • please tell me the app and information about your device. Just saying “doesn’t work” won’t help anything. Thanks

  • vivo


    Installed your app

    But getting token error

    App 1.1 ver

    Rooted Galaxy s android 2.3.3

    • hi there, can you contact me at redphoenix89 [at] yahoo (dot) com? I need your help to debug this problem. Thanks

  • Dorien Ackerman

    Not working with me on cm 10.1 verizon galaxy s3. I changed my dpi so I can update apps like chrome, but after applying the fix from the app nothing changes at all. Visited dashboard and everything. Not sure what else I can do

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  • Dan

    Does not work? It changed the name but still say incompatiable

    • please tell me the app and information about your device. Just saying “doesn’t work” won’t help anything. Thanks

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  • Patrick Thee Dj

    I have a Kindle Fire 8.9 Wifi, I install the app, I select the device and operator and click activate and it starts, asks for root permissions, then just closes. I never see the “completed” window. And if I go back in and try to do it again, it just hangs at “loading”

    • Jordan Pt

      Might be because of your SU app. What SuperUser app are you using? I recommend SuperSU by Chainfire or Superuser by ClockworkMod. Superuser by ChainsDD hasn’t been updated in over half a year and it’s now majorly lagging behind the others. If you want 100% Free and OpenSource then Superuser by ClockworkMod is your best bet.

  • edson

    Bom dia tem marketing helper par cyanogenmod9

  • steve

    Hi, don’t work with ZTE V880E

  • octavious

    not working on my rooted lg optimus m from metro pcs

  • therealsybarite

    seems to have worked for me. SG2 GT-9100 with CM10.1. would you be able to add Rogers to the list of Canadian operators? I’m trying to install one of their proprietary apps. Thanks.

  • Hello,
    On my LG Optimus One P500 the app had the error message “token not found”.
    I’m using Android 2.3.7 and CyanogenMod-7.2.0-p500.
    Thank you.

  • sick

    lol after market helper my device is still incompatible and if i click install i can’t install

  • You have in app malware. This information is by ESET, DR.WEB and AVAST. Your app blocked Google Play with more apps with error code 403 and RPC:S-5:AEC-0. Problem require format tablet or mobile and next update ROM and Gapps again.

    • please show proof. I’m pretty sure my app doesn’t contain any malware like you said

      • ESET, DR.WEB and AVAST want block your app, because blocked in Google Play more APPs download with code 403 and RPC:S-5:AEC-0. One things, how repair this problem is reformat tablet or mobile and again update ROM and Gapps. Please repair your app, because companys want blocked this app, how virus.

  • NIce app.

  • working with a Meizu MX2, rooted with a China Unicom SIM (which permissions-wise allows me to download pretty much nothing from Google Play). would love if this worked! it’s showing up on google play as an AT&T Nexus 4, but I’m still getting “this app is not compatible with your device” or “this app is not available in your country” for a lot of apps (mostly just trying to dl some popular games to start). am i missing something?

  • ViperX

    I got Token not found error on my Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 running 2.3.6 GB. Hope you will fix it soon.

    • Can you contact me at redphoenix89 [at] yahoo (dot) com? I need your help to debug this problem. Thanks

  • Kevin Leung

    chào bạn, chả hiểu sao con Kindle Fire HD của mình cứ đến phần active thì lại báo là “Market Helper has stopped” liên tục. Mặc dù đã thử rất nhiều lần rồi mà vẫn ko thể nào sử dụng đc. Anyway, thanks bạn rất nhiều vì đã đóng góp 1 app hết sức hữu ích và tuyệt vời cho cộng đồng Android gần xa! 😀

    • Cám ơn bạn nhé. Mình cũng biết đến lỗi này, nhưng mà vì không có máy Kindle để test nên vẫn chưa biết bị lỗi chỗ nào =,= Hình như lỗi này chỉ xuất hiện trên các máy chỉ có wifi, ko 3G

  • Red

    I’ve attempted to change my Note2 to a the Nexus 7 since it should be listed as a Tegra3 device. Dashboard and Play both show the Nexus 7 as a device I own. Play still says the Tegra3 required game will not install/download. Any ideas?

  • myandroidphone2013

    It works on my Samsung Galaxy S3 but needs more devices added to the list of device’s.

  • Mahdi


    i test many and many times but one things

    it change my current device information on Google play

    but in first Sync all information back to original state, and Google prevent from downloading again.

    i install droid wall (firewall) to prevent and also offline my device and uninstall all play service and market

    but it does not work. sync with Google cause change back device information

    i need to run this method before downloading apps

  • TrossyFirst

    Hey dude, thanks for this, you should add a feature where it changes the “CPU api” so you can download incompatible apps, thanks.

  • noam


  • This is the greatest app ever! Works great on my cheapo irulu tablet. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • You’re welcome 🙂

  • Jan

    Hi, thanks for the app!
    It works until the installation of the app. It says: ‘not compatible with cpu abi”.
    Is this due to my phone or can this be fixed?

    • I think it’s your phone’s problem, so I can’t help

  • Hi! Thanks for the great app!

    But I have a problem now. I’ve restored the device to default (Motorola Xoom Wifi) and now I’m not able to install/update some apps that I’ve already installed before and that are fully compatible (like Google+). These apps simply doesn’t appear if I search them into PlayStore from the tablet.

    If I look at PlayStore via web, I see that I have two devices named Motorola Xoom. The last one is showing “incompatible” with apps like Google+ and the old one shows it’s compatible, but when I click install, nothing happens into my Xoom.

    I think I need to relink my “phisical” device to this “old Motorola Xoom” device in Play Store web, but I don’t know how.

    Can anybody help me?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Please try to clear Play Store’s data on your device and then open Play Store again.

  • thomas

    Using Samsung galaxy i997r with gingerbread 2.3.3 says token not found can you fix?

    • Can you contact me at redphoenix89 [at] yahoo (dot) com? I need your help to debug this problem

  • thomas

    I mean Samsung sgh-i997r

  • Jesse

    Would you add an option to fake OS version? I need to download something that is listed as JB only, but works on ICS. Thanks!

    • I think it’s possible

      • JoshMan

        +1 I would also like this option

  • Mahdi

    Thanks and one question
    I change my device to samsung galasxy s3 and in google play show apps compatible with my device but when i try to download using apk downloader it say ‘error can not download this app’ i try it for “Real Racing 3” and this app that desing for s3

    I thing the problem is for apk downloader becuase google play show my device compatible with this app

    • thanks. I’ll look into it

      • Mahdi

        I found answers of all of my questions, i look at your source code of Apk Downloader and find bugs and mail to your, Thanks. I am working on similar project based on Market Api

  • Giuseppe

    Hello I tried to use your program but I’m not downloading the same from the market even if the dashboard is simulated as s3 tells me device is not compatible for this apk

  • Michael F.

    I was having problems getting this to work on my rooted samsung galaxy s2 running AOKP. I was however, successful after I cleared my market data by going to system settings > apps > all > google play store > clear data. This may be helpful for others having issues.

  • Mazzy

    Can you add Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 to the list of spoofable devices?

  • jason

    Says I have a galaxy s3 on Google play webpage, and I can select games to download that “aren’t compatible” on my Evo LTE. But the download never starts and Google play app still says “device not compatible” which is why I think the download isn’t starting. So maybe somehow the Google Play app still knows I have an Evo LTE?

    • Mahdi

      one things that you need to know is that when you run market on your device or sync your deivce with google it will back to original name and config, i test many times

      Market Helper need to run with APK-Downloader (Google Chrome Extension)
      you need to change your device and use APK Downloader

      please note if you have sync account your device will back to original name in first sync

      do this settings it is work for me that have same problem:

      1 – run Market Helper and set your device
      2 – need to visit google dashboard on your device (login to dashboard wait to see page)
      3 – after disable sync account settings (Background run or similar in sync menu on android)
      – (Optional install a firewall disable any access from google service framework )
      4- use APK Downloader to download

  • Message appears (incompatible cpu abi)

    • i think it’s your device’s problem

  • I tried this with my galaxy s3 to change to nexus 7 ! But when I log in to google nothing has happend !

  • Nick

    Hi tried your app will try to down load apps that I could not before but keeps saying no shared liberary using onda v812 running android 4.1

  • Janel Mastrili

    it worked!!! :DD thank you so much!!! :DDDD

  • Troy0

    Not working on ZTE U795, Android 4.0.4, getting “Android System has stopped” message at Step 2. Maybe some supporting apps are missing. Please help.

  • kaushik

    device Not found please need some help!!!

  • goofy10v3

    St2 p3113. Awesome app. Concerns about permission 2 but fuk it. It’s worked!!! Me Viet 2 proud of u bro!!! Play RR3 on p3113 best graphic game. Cam on!!!

  • Collin Page

    Any chance you can update this to use more phone devices for Facebook Home.. say maybe the Galaxy Note II

  • Ghisy

    Hey redph,

    Thanks for this app! However, it doesn’t seem to work on my Nexus 4 (stock ROM, rooted, unlocked bootloader). I’m trying to access the US or Japanese Play Store by changing the operator in the app but no luck. I’ve followed your little guide to do so.

    For example, I tried to set my Nexus 4 as a Softbank (JP carrier) phone. It shows up as Softbank on my dashboard but when I open the Play Store, it’s still the French one (where I live).

    Any help with that please? Thanks!

  • I tried using the app and visiting the Google dashboard on my Galaxy S3 with CM10.1 in Japan, but it still seemed to show the Japanese play store, so I figured I’d restore. However, after using restore and going to the dashboard, the play store now just shows “Item not found” on startup and can’t be used for anything. I tried rebooting the phone, and also reinstalling the play store app from gapps, but this did not help. What exactly does the app do? Is it possible to undo it completely?

    When I visit the play store website, it does show the device there, but it doesn’t show any of the apps I have installed on it. It is also able to push apps to the device if I install through the website. Ok, but without play store working, apps won’t autoupdate 🙁

    • Found a way to restore fully – removed and readded my google account. Back to normal, phew

  • i might need to reread your postbut
    can i add another device? my target is the xperia z so i can dwnload smallapps

  • Dinesh

    for my samsung galaxy SL i 9003 , i m getting token not found error.. firmware version is 2.3.6

  • Gettin’ the token not found error
    Device: Samsung Galaxy S I9000

  • Rafael Basso

    Would add a function to falsify the region to access Google Play of other countries? The fake carrier does not solve this problem: (

  • Thanks a lot for this app! I’ve changed the DPI and been searching for like an hour for a solution but this is in deed what I need.. I’d prefer having the settings saved even after a reboot.. Is that possible u say?

  • did not work…
    it installed, ran, made the changes, in dashboard it shows me as S3 on T-Mobile
    then i cleared my google play data and ran play store, hit ACCEPT, and nothing…
    straight to the APPS section and it says SONY (because i have an Xperia S)

  • BBB

    work perfectly fine on my Lenovo k860i. thank you so much!

  • MizukiTHPS

    So when I use this it works but it spoofs something entirely wrong, I set it to be the HTC One X+ and it came through as the “HTC HTC One X+” and therefore it isn’t recognized in the google store properly so I still can’t download the app I want. The LG Nexus 4, is called the LGE Nexus 4 and the samsung comes up as samsung GT-I9300.

  • What about Eclair ):

  • Merle Reine

    I installed and it turned on my camera flash and could not turn off without reboot. Also turned on bluetooth when I never use bluetooth.

  • I set my device to LGE Nexus 4, Country to United States, AT&T (others tried too), but when I go to Everything.Me Launcher (Beta) it still says it’s not available in my country. Tried doing the same after device reboot, set again, went to Play Store – but the problem remains. In Dashboard, the device is changed. The country is NOT.

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus, 4.2.2, Carbon Rom, I’m in Bulgaria.

  • Toomuchespresso

    I followed the steps and it doesn’t work at all.

  • obarthelemy

    Thanks a lot, that worked beautifully for me on Android sticks: Minix Neo G4, and Neo X5.
    I’d been messing with build.prop with no luck, had given up after a handful of hours… Now my nephews can play Virtua Tennis 🙂

  • Axiol

    First question that comes to my mind : would it work for FB Home ? Would be curious to test it 🙂

  • Abraham Salazar

    I am wondering when you will make this app available for non-rooted devices. I’m really interested in it and I want to use this to my advantage. Please take this to your consideration. Thank you.

  • Rohit

    Doesnt work on my Samsung Galaxy Y (GT – S5360).

  • obarthelemy

    Could you make this reboot-proof ? I’m running into an issue with some games who seem to call home regularly, and uninstall themselves when the device doesn’t match.

  • Noel Macwan

    Hello ..
    can you add xperia z in that option to spoof >>
    and can you tell me what this app exactly do ?

  • Any chance you can add Sony as a device to pick from?

  • James

    ”Token Not found”

    Using the Samsung Infuse 4G, Stock 2.3.6 rooted.

  • Mike Craig

    Not working anymore? Just tried it on new (unlocked/rooted) HTC One, spoofed as Nexus 4 AT&T, trying to download Google Wallet. Still “not compatible” message, and Dashboard doesn’t show a listing for Nexus 4.

  • As I thought, it’s not working anymore, since Google updates its Play Store. You can try to trick the market with a vpn :

  • Jacob Santos

    Droid Razr Maxx Jelly Bean. Downloaded, but the the instal button doesnt register(I have unknown sources checked)

  • Fofo

    Don’t have activate option only donate and send phone info ..

    • blah

      I have that too

  • ali

    I can’t seem to get the app to download. :

  • thaley

    Samsung infuse 4g on att says token not found

  • blkcobra

    Although the app does fool google for device type,network carrier, it does not for location. (this can be done by putting phone in flight mode,then enabling wifi,developer tolls/allow mock locations and setting a USA location or using app “fake GPS”. VPN or not has no effect regardless of all the above. Google “cards” information changes and displays location information surrounding the fake gps. However there is is still something else we are missing. google is using one more element to cross reference country of origin. Maybe someone should contact google and tell them your
    working in US for a few weeks and whats needed to access the US play store? lol.

  • meromaromuru

    Mine says “Media Library Not Found” as an error when I try to install some apps; I’m able to download them but not install them.

    • meromaromuru

      *Missing Shared Library

  • cheese

    i can’t restore back to my original device… my device is gt-i8160 running 2.3.6. i get an error “cannot checkin” when i try to restore… ive tried rebooting with my wifi & 3G on but it didnt work. i checked google dashboard & it said i was still a galaxy s3…

  • Yillinhulehaefasdf

    Thank you soooo much :DDD

  • i cat install it in my Alcatel OT 890, it runs with Android 2.1, can i do something to install Market Helper in my device? maybe with another version of Market Helper. This is the reason to try to install an apk for some versions of android, can someone help me.

  • Birdgofly

    THANK YOU! =)

  • eChinz

    thank you (:

  • nerub

    Excellent app! I’m impressed…thanks 🙂

  • tobias

    Shoot my phone is not roothed any solution?live in bonaire provider is digicel

  • Bala


    I am in China and due to the restrictions here, do not find many apps on the Play store. Also, most of the apps listed are in Chinese.

    This app is still not working for me here. I have a SGS3 and i tried to spoof US-AT&T, india-airtel, malaysia-celcom…..THe dashboard gets updated, but the playstore shows no change. Apps like Whatsapp, Viber are still not available and it still lists a lot of chinese apps.
    Please help

    • Hex

      You might be having issues related to your IP, MAC or geolocation being in China. See if you can spoof that as well.

  • bluppfisk

    I managed to access the US Play Store from Mainland China.

    I have a LG Optimus G E975, Astrill VPN connection set to GLA2.ASTRILL.NET, and a German credit card attached to my Google account, which, according to Google Dashboard is also registered in Germany.

    1 get root
    2 install markethelper (see above post)
    3 clean data from Play Store
    4 reboot phone
    5 connect to vpn using VpnCilla (somehow, the built-in Android VPN won’t connect and requires me to set a daft pattern)
    6 use fake GPS to set my location somewhere near Alamo Park in Arizona, US
    7 use markethelper to set to a LG Nexus 4, on T-Mobile in the US. Activated, then visited Google Dashboard from phone
    8 opened the Play Store

    boom. US store. Paid apps, books, music, all available. One problem remains: paid apps don’t show up when searching for them.

    Now why does it have to be so difficult? Google should only rejoice at the thought of millions of people all over the world being able to get and buy apps, and for those knockoff Chinese play stores to disappear from the world.

  • Muniraj

    Works quite reasonably! But I’m not able to download chrome for andriod with any of the listed phones/tablets. Any help is appreciated.

  • Corbyn

    I’m receiving the “Token not found error”. I’m using the Samsung Droid Charge (SCH-I510) running Eclipse Rom v2.0 with OTA update FP1 (will update to FP8 once the updated ROM is released), Android v2.3.6, and PBJ kernel Hope this helps!

  • alex

    Hello he said to me ‘user account not found’ after i press activate. Thank you

  • eric

    when are you going to put a version for rooted devices

  • Mitch

    HTC Evo 4G LTE is set as the OG Evo when I hit restore… So I changed it to One X+ and rebooted but it stayed the same. I also couldnt download the app and recieved the error BM-PPH-01 on play store.

  • Markus

    I assume auto-update of APPs will not work after a reboot of the device, as Play Store will recognize it with its original ID. So to enable auto-update of APPs, we still need to tweak build.prop?

  • shewe

    When is the next version coming out?

  • lukehickey20

    Says CPU API incompatible when it tries to install

  • erik

    put unrooted devices please

  • matt

    I’ve run the app a bunch of times and despite the fact it “Activates successfully” the dashboard still says I have an HTC PC36100 (EVO 4G). Which is true, but I want it to think I have a Nexus 4.

  • polarbe4r

    Would it be possible to add all Canadian carriers to the list on the app. I was specifically looking for Rogers but they may all come in hand at one point. I would be willing to help with the list i you need. fr3ds4ccounts(at)gmail dot com

  • Vicky

    Dear Developer, It has been one of the greatest app i have on my android but i am feeling very bad and sad since the new goolgle play store 4.0.27 has broken support for it though it used to work great before but not working anymore. my device gets registered like it did before and also show updates pending but when we update it says already installed and we don’t see pending updated next time. Kindly look into this sir. Big Thanks

    • dragon788

      Vicky, try uninstalling and installing it again, I haven’t had any issues with it, you probably rebooted your phone and it lost track of what device ID it was supposed to be.

  • Okay, I got “root permission not granted” error message, my cellphone, Sony Live with Walkman, is already rooted and currently running SuperUser version 3.1.3, should I switch to SuperSU?

  • I don’t know I it cool but ill try it

  • dragon788

    This app is a lifesaver for both my Parrot Asteroid Smart that runs on GIngerbread 2.3.7 and has a somewhat anemic Asteroid Market from the factory, as well as the Google Nexus Q, which when unlocked and flashed with CM10.1 becomes an amazing media center machine, but lacking apps from the Play Store as the default identifier lists it as a generic tablet.

  • sery

    This devices is not rooted! I will add support to unrooted devices in latest version.What do you do?

  • lewella

    Hi there,
    I have a SGS 2 on O2 uk, JB 4.1.2 leaked and rooted. I have tried all the steps above as i would like to get some french apps however it doesn’t seem to be working…
    I did go check on the dashboard as per the faq, and my phone was showing under the french network as i wanted, but i keep getting the message that the app is not available for my country..
    I also tried to clear the cache and the data of the play store but still no luck 🙁
    Any idea what am doing wrong ? Or what i could do differently ?
    Thanks 🙂

  • Shahnewaz_Ahmed

    Awesome stuff man! Now I am able to download Real Racing 3 from the play store! Keep up the good work.
    By the way, works on my rooted Fido HTC Desire C.

  • Fred

    Hi buddy
    My device name is “aigo pad” and its model is “M60”, it is using android. Ver 4.0.4
    When i wanted to too ROOT, your app said:


    THANK you.
    Please inform me via email.
    The sooner, thebetter. It is appreciated.

  • I literally tried every single option on there, every single tablet device available every single phone device available and every single carrier and not one worked with Iron Man 3. I did go to Google account and it worked every time and it totally tricked and changed my device but it just must not really work because I don’t understand how not one of those devices can download that game.

    • laura

      did you managed to solve that?

  • drossvirex

    anyway to get this to work with the Amazon Appstore? Like kindle fire edition games.

  • Nicolas

    Hey, I have installed your app on my rooted galaxy tab. it works great, shows as the carrier picked when setting app on tablet in my google dashboard, but then I try to get a UK app and it says that the device is not supported country wise, eventhough my tab is showing as a samsung s3 on UK carrier O2. Any chance to get a hand? thanks

  • Chris

    Hey I got the token not found error
    Version 2.3.6 Gingerbread
    Phone model Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000
    my email is [email protected]

  • Could this be done on the Android SDK Emulator? I’ve already gotten the Google Play Store and Services Framework installed.

  • Chris

    Hi, it does not work on my kindle fire hd, unfortunately. Systemversion is 10.3.1. Best greetings, Chris.

    • Chris

      Finally, i managed to get the app work. I’ve installed the market helper apk in systemapp. That’s all. Thank you very much. Best greetings, Chris

  • Derek

    I’m getting the token message on Samsung galaxy attain 4g gingerbread 2.3.6

  • vladax

    hi..i tried this on cm10.1 and it says market helper is stopped all over again…does it support 4.2 ?

  • Eddy Lu

    Hey Awesome app! Works perfectly on my samsung galaxy note 2. Got me around some DRM bullshat. In any case, could you setup donations via BitCoin so I can show my appreciation without big brother sticking his nose where it don’t belong?

    • I’m glad that it worked for you. If you want to donate using bitcoin, here is my wallet 1MvHujpum5CiQNXmLku3RRJWP59StvE92S

  • Jet kuo

    Hi , Can Market-helper be working on X86 machine?
    And are there any apks for arm or X86 only?
    If there are, can Market Helper works fine cross X86 and arm machine?

  • al

    have a Samsung i 897 running on android 2.3.5, and it says token not found. please help

  • Carlos

    Hi, im using this app in LG P350, and when i press ACTIVATED says, TOKEN NOT FOUND… any fix please?

  • TheReduxPL


    Can I buy apps that were incompatible before applying Market Helper? I know some apps have different versions – I want to buy Minecraft Pocket Edition and that app isn’t divided by CPU architecture (eg. ARMv6, ARMv7…).

  • awesome

    Thank you so much, it works great 🙂

  • Short111

    I get a parsing error when I try and install it.

    • Migs

      I’m getting the same error on my rooted Note 2

  • Nabil Abdelkader

    Moi mon telephone n’est pas rooté y’a pas moyen d’aranger ça ?

  • Binshad T P Haris

    Im getting token not found error..
    My device-Samsung galaxy SL GT-i9003
    Firmware-2.3.6 gingerbread
    pls help..

  • daiwei2023

    Thanks a lot! Good app.My Phone: MEIZU M9 ANDROID 2.3.5.

  • Irene Ong

    Hi, I am using a Samsung Note 2 N7102 Dual Sim mobile which I bought in China, am using the phone in Singapore. Rooted my Note 2 N7102, followed the above procedure and downloaded the apps …Error Message “MISSING SHARED LIBRARY”….please help…THANKS

    • Toto

      Have you find a solution about this error ?


    please make it work with the samsung galaxy player 5.0. YP-G70. Thanks.

  • Grace Emin

    Hi! I need some help. I have an Acer iconia a200 tablet. I downloaded this app hoping I would be able to download some apps such as snap chat, vine, etc. I am having a little trouble though. When I tap activate, I science “error. This device is not rooted. ” please help ASAP! Thank you very much! 🙂

  • Leandro

    Hi, i have Xperia play. Used kernel Lupus V10 and Gingerbread 2.3.7 l Gin2JellyBean. I have error “token not found” in my device…

    What i need to do?

    Thanks for help!!!

  • harry

    you the man!!! After searching everywhere this works!!! Awesome job

  • Moogy

    When do you plan on adding unrooted support?
    The only thing I am waiting on 🙂


  • André von Glehn

    I`m having a “token not found” error.
    I have a LG Optimus 3D Max P720 with 2.3.6 android.
    Can you help me?

    Thank you very much!

  • shirhan

    please help me, i was able to download apps but its force closing the apps
    plz help me

    • shirhan

      please help me, am using Samsung galaxy mini gt-s5570, android 2.3.6 gingerbread

  • can this be used on android installed in virtual box? thanks

  • Louis Royal

    does not seem to work on 4.2.2 with latest market
    (Has No effect in Market/Play Store) But Does Change device in Dashboard so…IDK
    Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1″
    Model: GT-P5113
    Rom: Pac-Man Rom for GT-P5110 4.2.2
    Android: 4.2.2
    Rooted?: Yes

  • atgeyer

    Token not found – Samsung Galaxy Player YP-G70 – Gingerbread 2.3.5

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

  • Farid

    token not found – galaxy s hoppin 2.3.6 :/

  • Boris Slutsky

    Doesn’t work (doesn’t change device, country, operator in google account) for my Motorola Razr XT910 with CyanogenMode 10.1. I sent device info to developer

    • laura

      same thing happening to me, did you managed to solve that? or use something else? editing the build.prop didn’t work either..

      • Boris Slutsky

        No, I didn’t – unfortunately. Just leave it…

  • jake

    Tokken not found on samsung gtp1000
    Android ver: 2.2

  • Akshay9003

    Tokken not error on Samsung Galaxy S I9003 Gingerbread 2.3.6 rooted.

  • Dr W

    How do I download Galaxy S4 only apps, when I own a S4 ?
    The only option I have is to choose the S3 and then I get a incombatalility message at Google Play.

  • min

    Samsung SGH-T499Y didnt work

  • Yana Ranna Almeida

    I am not able to activate only cannot checkin..

  • Laura

    Hi, i’ve used this app before to buy “broken Sword”‘s both games. Then for lack of space i had to delete them. I thought that i they were already purchased i could download them again, but now. Now i tried it again but it still says not compatible, not stating why (not even clicking the “+”). I have a motorola defy with cm10 by quarxz. Rooted and all. Tried it with the last playstore build and the oldest i had. Followed every step (it changes to galaxy 3 for ex, but it still shows not compatible. . Help me please 🙂

  • Elliot Clarence

    I used it successfully on my Samsung Galaxy S Advance i9070. Was able to download Real Racing 3. However, rebooting my device does not restore. Please help with restoring my device.

  • It’s not working on my Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100.
    It says that it is updated to the device, but it wasn’t updated when I check on the Dashboard or Play account setting

  • jneu

    I have a proble on Huawei 8350 using Froyo 2.2.2 : there is no “Activate” button on the screen ! I have only 3 buttons : “Send device info”, “Homepage” and “Donate” …
    Can you help me ?
    Best regards.

  • joe

    Please add Google tv support. Would be nice to download latest apks for Google tv to my ouya. Thanks

  • elzafir

    Could you please add more device? Specially tablets like Nexus 7? So that tablet only apps will be compatible.

  • marts001

    Crashes on my rooted if kfhd 7″

  • coow45

    Got the error “token not found”

    Galaxy S GT-I9000

  • Scotty T

    I got the error “token not found”. My device is Samsung Stratosphere with firmware version 2.3.5. Kernel version

  • Drupa

    “Device is not rooted” – Im running Nexus 4 CM10.1 and Im pretty darn sure it comes with #Superuser installed and rooted.

    Please fix or tell me a work around it please.

  • Gaston Huot

    I also get a message: Root permission is not granted. Using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Android 4.1.2
    The device is rooted.

    • AutumnRose

      I don’t know abt samsung galaxy, but I use es explorer. Go to settings in es explorer–> then root settings–> check everything, works for me.

  • jags

    i can install incompatible apps in my phone …others are working but the other apps .. this is pop up message i see ” DPI CPU IMCOMPATIBLE ” what can i do … can i change my DPI value?.. PLS.. Help me.. thanks

  • Faisal

    Thanks, Work on My Allwinner A13. I Can’t install instagram If using original device detection. :(. also i can modify the operator. xD.Thanks

  • Elaine Gao

    I’m waiting for your new version for non-rooted devices, thanks.

  • Damian Bushay

    Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G, Firmware 2.3.6

  • Harry

    Samsung galaxy 4g, 2.3.6 keep getting error no token found please fix

  • Sam

    I have no “activate button” on my galaxy y pro. Does anybody know why?

  • curiouscraig

    Does this mean Google Wallet to work on S4 for Verizon?

  • Julius Daniš

    Token not found LG P690 (optimus net)
    Androiod 4.2.2 Jelly cream rom

  • Alex Barrett

    “there is a problem parsing the package” that normally means its incompatible with the device lol rooted alcatel one touch 983 that runs android 2.3. Baseband v 1.3.16 kernel build 01007

  • Josh

    “Token not found” on Samsung Galaxy Tab: GT-P1000M Froyo 2.2

  • Jonathan

    When I try to install a game on my phone, it has an error: “(Error retreiving information from server. [RPC: S-5:AEC-0])”

    Device: Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i

  • Đức

    Sao không có nhà mạng Hàn Quốc vậy Admin? Thêm vào cho nó đa dạng nha bạn, mình cần down vài app của Hàn Quốc! Thân!

  • Afie

    Hi I am getting the token not found error on a sprint Samsung note 2. Android version 4.2.2

  • David

    hi im getting the token not found error on a t-mobile samsung galaxy s vibrant(sgh-t959), android version 2.2

  • dead

    getting token not found on lg thrill

  • Lovemagic

    lạ quá nhỉ, em vào Google Dashboard thấy đã đổi đc thiết bị rồi nhưng vào market thì ứng dụng vẫn k tương thích (em vào qua máy tính) hiện em dùng galaxy mini s5570.

    • Lovemagic

      giờ lại đâu vào đấy rồi bác ạ, cảm ơn bác.

  • leo

    Hi, getting the token not found on galaxy player 5 (YP-G70)

  • Samsung Infuse 4G, thanks!

    Hi! I get the ‘token not found’. Samsung Infuse 4G. Firmware version 2.3.6. Build Number: GINGERBREAD.UCLB3

  • S3 on ATT user

    Hello, this app is totally broken since the Google Play store has been revamped. It worked well beforehand, but now it doesn’t let me download the incompatible apps. The spoofed information does still show up in my device list, but that is all it does. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 on AT&T for reference.

    • feark20

      I ran into the same issue. Go to the play store then go to your settings and choose accounts. Select your gmail address then select “OK”. This will refresh your login and pick up on the new device listed within the Google dashboard. Nexes 7 version 1 rooted.

      • John

        I use HTC Desire and I ran into the same issue. I fixed it by going on my PC and selecting “Install” button on Play Store. It’ll list your phone as before but will still allow you to download and install it 🙂

  • Lee Wright

    I have
    a good idea for an APP and would like to work with a developer on creating
    the APP.

  • Sr. Anonymous

    Like others i have the token not found error, mi device LG Optimus 3D P920 rooted ICS 4.0.4 V28b-EUR…….please admin we need an update of this awesome app!!!

  • Jamie

    I get the token not found mu device is a samsung galaxy s 1 gti9000

  • Thelemic

    I got an error saying “Error – Cannot Checkin”. What am I doing wrong?:O

  • Colleen Sloan

    I keep getting an error message saying ‘this device is not rooted’ or some such thing. How can I get around this?

    • Christian Eßl

      Root your device.

  • Christian Eßl

    Got it working. But I need my device to pretend to be a Sony Xperia device (which one isn’t important)
    Is there a way to add your own device IDs in this app?

    • andrew

      Are the devices hard coded into the app? Can you make it pull a list of devices from a user-editable file instead? That way, we can add custom devices ourselves 🙂

  • Herojono

    Does it block software updates (as the samsung galaxy nexus receives updates much sooner than the s3)

  • Ray

    I can’t get this thing working. It never shows the spoofed device in my devices. I’m running an AndroVM VirtualBox virtual machine (androVM_vbox86tp_4.1.1_r6.1-20130222-gapps-houdini-flash.ova) in a Windows host. Any suggestions?

  • Jordan

    When I try to activate it, it says ‘Root Permission Not Granted’ or something like that.

    (On a Kyocera Event)

  • Vince

    It says token not found i have a Samsung Galaxy Aviator

  • Lester

    On an IDea USA Tablet (PC1006) when I press Activate I get Error – Root permission is not granted.

  • Hans-Michael Loepthien

    When i choose the operator, account field is empty. How to populate it ?

  • Migu Be

    Need more device types…

  • William Lisbourne

    “token not found” i am a galaxy tab gt-p1000 2.3.3

  • senis

    need Sony phones fake

  • Steven Pilchman

    Downloaded and installed but the app doesn’t allow me to enter an account number. What should I try next? Installed on a Kindle Fire HD 8.9

    • Elizabeth Carmella

      You can make it work!! This happened to me….click log in with different account on the bottom. If you have your log in info saved, it should pop up and just click log in…..and it works perfectly….manage apps right from the google dashboard. If it is already in one device it will say “installed” ….click it again and a drop down with all your devices is there….you can pick another device to install with out paying again. 🙂 Hope this helps!! Let me know…

  • Balaji Rathod

    When will you add support for non-rooted phones?? please reply..

  • anonymuncle

    Everything appears to be working for me, except the functionality of the app itself – I don’t get any errors, but I can’t access stuff that’s restricted by Canadian networks (Google Voice).

    Galaxy S4, Android 4.3 TouchWiz/Stock, Rooted

  • Geek

    My Phone is Android 2.2 Samsung Vibrant and i Got An Error ” Token Not Found”. Please Help…or send me the app for Froyo Version and yes i tried your latest version but still its coming Token Not Found….

  • Stan Hamel

    i think it needs an update to get it to work on jellybean 4.3 because everything is smooth yet i can’t install the apps i want and it still says “unable to download on your device”

  • astromancer

    i use nexus 7 and it doesn’t work as it claims. no errors but it still can tell i use nexus 7 and refuse to download apps although it shows i’m using different device

  • vietusa

    ca’m on, I bought an EA games for a Galaxy S3 last year, upgraded to an HTC One and it say incompatible, bunch of bullshit. They just you to repurchase a new game.

  • Amir Becha

    I can’t restore my device back to original state ( i followed your steps )

  • Mochamad Soner

    Icant restore my device back.!!!!

  • robert

    I have a Samsung infuse i997

  • alejofleu

    I downloaded the App, and when I press “Activate” it send my the following error msg “This device
    is not ROOTED. I will add supported to unrooted devices in later versions” Would you please help me?? tks

  • Akash

    Token error..device is samsung galaxy 3 apollo running android 2.2

  • black

    Token error, device is i-inn smartlet 2 android 4.2.1

  • Sergei Agarkoff

    Thank you! It works, at least right now

  • Rachel

    samsung infuse 4G AT&T Android 2.2.1

  • showadselloutwatch

    where may we download source code?

    there is no reason to trust this app given its function

  • Iqbal

    Superuser is denying permmission on my s2

  • Thomas

    On the Sony Xperia SP:

    I have installed the app, changed the Phone to Nexus4, left the operator on restore. Then i rebooted my Phone, and now its in a boot-loop, shows me every minute the sony-sign für 5 seconds and that’s it. Is there a easy way out of it?

  • Thomas

    i used the flashtool to get back to the original software status, now it works again.

  • Mark Buckley

    Token Not Found – Rooted Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 / YP-G70 / Android 2.3.5

  • Imran Khan

    not working with HTC explorer fryo,says phone need to be rooted ,its already rooted

  • Charles

    Playstore still does not accept this device as compatible.

  • Toto

    After spoof my Android 4.0.2 with your great application, at the moment of the installation of application I have the error message : “shared library absent” and the extension APK Download does not function either.
    Can you help me ?
    PS : I have the last version of Google Play Store

  • RallyExTremez438

    Droid Charge (Android 2.3.6 GingerBread) SAMSUNG 4g LTE
    App freezes when I activate. Please fix this!

  • Keenan

    Sounds awesome but unfortunately I’m stuck at Step 1: Preparing… (let it go for awhile now – 10+ minutes). I’m on a rooted Droid X2 running ICS

  • Denis

    Why the application does not work on the tablet sony Z?

  • danny

    samsung infuse 4G AT&T Android 2.2.1

  • eturk001

    Doesn’t change android version and country change didn’t fool store. Not useful.

  • Javier Alvarado

    Bmobile ax530 (Android 2.3.6 GingerBread)

  • psycho42

    It works with Google Dashboard, maybe works with Google Play, but absolutely not working with Amazon Appstore. I mean, what’s the point if I can fake my device as Kindle Fire HD but I can’t fool Amazon Appstore?

  • msrrnh

    hey i got the “token not found” error. i’m using samsung galaxy mini s557 running android 2.3.6. thank you

  • genymotion

    I’m trying to use it on genymotion emulator, i allow root permissions in the genymotion settings, but the app failes saying it doesnt have root permission. please see if it can be fixed. thanks.

  • jonathan

    Hey I’m using the S4 Galaxy and i followed all of the steps but im still not getting to download the country restricted apps.. when i check the dashboard the device name and netowork changed.. help!!

  • mike

    Hey its not giving me the option to run root privilege it dosent ask to allow or deny i am using superuser is there anyway to do this manually if i was able to i believe it would work fine thanks

  • GirlGamer Iara

    App stopped for me too. Always used to download my beloved Japanese games to my Optimus 2x, but this time any link worked with app.
    Could you fix it?
    Thanks for bring to us the best form to continue downloading our desired (and country-restricted) apps.
    Greetings from Brazil!

  • stewartthompson2

    Getting “Token not found” on Samsung Galaxy Note i717 with Android 4.1.2.

  • ZEplon

    galaxy player 4.0 (YP-GB1)
    GingerBread 2.3.6

  • Chapu Gol

    sayyyyyyy: error token not found!!! help me please….
    Samsung Galaxy S I9000B
    GB 2.3.6

  • jason

    Works OK. But I need something to break the install-from-Play link, which some developers force upon users, making it impossible to install older versions from the sdcard.

  • Daniel

    Samsung Galaxy admire Token not found Gingerbread 2.3.6

  • GotLamp

    Does this report the differences to other apps?

    I have a few different apps that I’m interested in running with basically a different build.prop for each, not specifically the play store. Ideally I’d love an app like this, but it would list all the other apps installed on the device and allow me to set all the usual build.prop options[or just pick pre-made build.prop files] for each app. I’m sure there’s plenty of difficulties with that idea, but would be useful for me as some apps I work with do enable different features depending on the device/build.prop. Figure that app would just need to hijack the launch activity, run whatever this app does, and let the app complete it’s start.

  • Sam

    Everything worked as described… But alas, I guess the app I’m trying to download doesn’t work on the tablet options available? I’m trying to instal Rogers One Number so I can make local calls while I’m overseas. I’m using a Galaxy Ace running 2.3.7 Adrenaline ROM.

    Any ideas?

  • onetry

    “Token not found Error” on SGS1 I9000 running Gingerbread.BOJV9 Android 2.3.3

    Kernelversion with a patch for voodoo sound to work

  • Armond Tepes

    Samsung galaxy sch-i500 fascinate running froyo 2.2.1.
    Token not found. Help, please.

  • joey-d

    hello – will this work on nook simple touch with android 1.2.1?

  • doesnt that make sense?

    galaxy s4 has got to be on there!! the hone has a ton of bluetooth v4 apps that no other phone can download

  • Rapper_skull

    Please add more devices, like GS4, G2, Note 2 and 3, Nexus 7 2013 and older devices too, like GS2.

  • famewolf

    My Nook HD+ thanks you since every app was showing up as incompatible.

  • Wilfred Owusu-Boateng

    Say token not found.
    — Market Helper 1.1 —
    Device: YP-GS1
    Model: YP-GS1
    Manufacturer: samsung
    Version: 2.3.6
    Locale: US
    Sent from Samsung Mobile

  • Andrew Kagwa

    Every thing work perfect with market help but very difficult to change location in Google Dashboard, and if you change need verification and don’t have mobile number of that country for verification. Please does not work

  • Sandy Akbar

    Damn.. samsung galaxy tab 2 error..pleasee fix it!!

  • James

    Worked perfectly to get Plants vs Zombies 2 on my Nexus S.
    Thank you so much!

  • ammar makki

    I have LG p920 the only problem is I am getting this “Token not found” when I press activate. any update to fix this error

  • Squaslebuff

    I try to download a banking app from australia (Citibank). But the helper is only chancing my device not my location 🙁 please help! cheers

    • blacklightning

      This app only spoof your device type and your carrier not your location. To spoof your location you can change it in your device setting as follow. System Setting > developer option > tick allow mock location.

  • GainesHall

    Keeps crashing during the “Doing Magic Stuff”

  • Mac

    I can’t download the apps, play store keep sayin my device is incompatible even if the file is trying 2 get 2 my phone. Using Sony Xperia Acro S with stock JB 4.1.2 latest with Root and Locked BT.

  • lakshita11

    opened this app but its not showing ny account…. i cant enter nor can i select anythng… help?

  • rohit

    My device doesnt change(followed all the steps)

  • heellllppp

    No token. . . Heelllppp device:android 2.2 froyo , samsung galaxytab 1 7.0

  • HELP


  • salvaire

    im using a Samsung galaxy s captivate and I get the token not found marker

  • FrostyFlare

    Token Not Found

    Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0
    Version:2.2 Froyo
    Help Me Maybe?

  • Ton

    I installed the APK as mentoined. I do have a HTC Flyer. Everything works fine. The only thing that does not seem to have any effect is that i am not able to install apps.
    The case that i can find in my google dashboard the several devices, i choose Nexus 7. However i am not able to change or select the correct device.
    Ok, i tried to install the latest GMAIL 4.6 version, not able to install. Still got the message problem with parser.
    Can you advise me what to do ?

    • blacklightning

      Hi ton. At 1st i have the same problem, to fix this you have to register your new fake devices (the one that have changed by market helper) in your google account dashboard. Then on google play market apps you have to switch your device to newly created one. Hope this solve your problem.

  • Jorge

    i have a LG optimus 3D (LG-P920) with android 2.3.5 and tha aplication tells me that token not found is there any thing i can do ??

  • frank

    Does this work on Android 4.4 yet? I’m in Germany and tried to download Google Voice but the play store doesn’t show it to. I switched my phone to AT&T …

  • timo

    could you do it for other devices? like the HTC One instead of One+ or Galaxy Note2

  • luis cruz

    I got that error taken not found i have an samsumg infuse 4G and running with 2.2.1

  • j

    please add new devices

    • blacklightning

      Yes. Please dev add new devices!

  • Cam

    Its says mine is not rooted. HELP

    • blacklightning

      Hi cam, you have to root your device 1st and give root permission to market helper.Hope this solve your problem.

  • Johan

    It worked somewhat. It adds my provider to the device so it still doesn’t see the right device.

  • estrellangelica

    Is there any one who actually answer the question? I’ve been trying for hours… It worked on my first device but on my motorola cliq version 2.1, I have an error when I try to install it. I downloaded the app through APK downloaded transferred it on the sd card but same error. I tried to force the installation via the pc command and the message “install failed older sdk” appeared. Could any one help me please?? Thanks 🙂

  • garrey

    token not found

    samsung sgh-i997
    firnware 2.2.1

    • LionGamerz16

      Dude they only support froyo and a above at the moment.

  • revence

    This is not working at all its only collecting information guys! I go to playstore to comment because we hate this fake action greetings from holland!

  • Emma

    I pressed Activate .. but it says ( THis Device is Not ROOTED ) .. PS I tried it on my other tablet and it work Goooddd .. then on this tablet which i can insert Sim in it didnt work 🙁 .. HELP !

  • Tebogo Tbzmike Dr-Insane

    Doesn’t work on my galaxy s2 4.1.2

  • Logan

    I got the token not found in am using the LG Optimus F7 version 4.1.2

  • st3n0

    nice work – thanks a lot – greets from germany

  • kevin191919191919

    does this work in galaxy y? please help? cpu abi not compatible? how to fix this

    • blacklightning

      Hi, yes it works on galaxy Y gsm version. You have to root it 1st, if not work try installing custom rom. I have use markwr helper on my galaxy Y for month.


    thanks a lot it work to download battlefiled commander on my phone

  • Kyra

    Hello, i am using a chinese phone Huawei G610-U00 and got some problems. I’ve done everything but i can’t select an account. I’ve search trough whole google but i don’t find anything… Please help

  • Guest

    Token not found, galaxy S wifi 5.0 D:

  • Cruzer Blade

    Token not found , galaxy S wifi 5.0 android 2.3.6

    • blacklightning

      Hi, im using galaxy S wifi 5.0 intl version, android 4.2.2 rooted. You have to have rooted device and atleast android 3.6 in order to use market helper. Hope this help you. If all fail, try to upgrade using custom roms.

  • Nighty

    Galaxy y GT-s5360 not working it still says not compatible

  • blacklightning

    Thank you developer for this magical apps. I cannot donate any money. So instead I try to answer some of the user question in this site.

  • James

    I get an error saying “Token not found” my device is samsung galaxy player 3.6 eu version. android version is 2.3.6

  • app

    I can’t activate the app & got “Root not granted”.. what can I do? thanks


    Great, just helped me to install “Angry birds go” for my son on Prestigio PMP8850C, worked like a charm, thanks.

  • Robin Singh Meena

    hey i am using Samsung galaxy tab p1000 and firmware version is 2.3.3

    i have rooted my tablet properly but when using market helper its showing Error “Token not found”

    please help me how to fix this error.

    plz give me solution on my email id
    [email protected]

    thank you

  • Dejon Thomas

    I have a am sung galaxy 5.0 and they are saying token not found

  • jens nielsen

    the one thing I have discovered is if you don’t have an up to date operating system ie you are using a “legacy” device even this app will not help you download incompatible apps ie I am using ics 4.0.4 and the themer app is still unavailable to me after using market helper because it was developed for devices using 4.2 or later too bad I was hopeful

  • gearUp

    missing usability/compatibility with galaxy gear ‘smart’ watch. unfortunately the activate button is not visible on the galaxy gear watch and hidden by send device info, hompage, donate buttons 🙁 anyhelp?

  • simone

    mi dice ABI della CPU non compatibile.cosa devo fare?

  • Gonzo

    It doesn’t work anymore I think because of the Google play store apk update… it changes on the website but i can’t see the difference in the phone anymore, no more tablet apps.. I’m using Note 2 4.1.2 jellybean, play store 4.5.10

  • Sorry for not updating this app for a long time. I’m kinda busy right now. Hope I can release an update soon

    • Guest

      It’d awesome if we could add custom devices to the list!

  • Rik

    Thanks for solving my problems with my device 🙂

  • ale

    i get: Error

    this device is not ROOTED. i will add support to unrooted devices in later version.

    What?What does that mean? thanks

    • CMB

      It means you’re not rooted….

  • dO_ob Vin¢ent™

    Um, mine says “Root Permission not Granted”… what do I do??

  • help please

    I’m getting the “token not found” error. I have a Samsung stratosphere running 2.3.6 gingerbread

  • diehardbattery

    Not working on Nexus 7 2013 LTE Edition. It will change the device but it does not let me download…

  • johnnyboy2253

    i have a samsung galaxy player 5.0 with firmware version 2.3.6 with a custom rom please help i get error token not found .

  • nino

    Mine keeps saying pack not parsing when I try to open the file???

  • Johan

    Please add support for Android 2.1

  • st0815

    This appears to be dead and unmaintained. Following these instructions I can change provider and device type, (I can see that on the play store device list, too) but that has no effect on the play store letting me download apps. If I couldn’t download before then I still can’t after running this tool.

    Please deactivate this page, as the tool has no function anymore.

  • someone

    I have Huawei Y300 with AOKP (4.3.1) and I can’t install some of the apps i could with stock rom on 4.1.1. Marker Helper did not solve problem neither changing build.prop. Can somebody help?

  • omar

    thank’s xda devellopeur you have helped me a lot . but this app
    doesn’t work in samsung galaxy gt i-9003 too

  • martin bjorklund

    Can you help me i cant open the app it doesnt come upp where all the other apps and games is

  • Ba

    my phone is Galaxy S2
    When it eill be avialale ?

  • Thomas

    This will only sometimes work with rooted Kindle Fire HD. It worked the first time, but it hasn’t worked since. I even got a new Kindle Fire HD and it still won’t work. Any ideas.

  • Lasso Xavi

    Token error Samsung SCL

  • Logan. McCulloch

    Not rooted. Samsung Gt-s7500t

  • ahmed kahtan

    Not rooted. Samsung Gt-19082

    galaxy grand 🙁

  • Ahmed Hamdi

    “Token not found error” on Galaxy I9000 running Froyo v2.2 (Phone is rooted)

  • Who

    “Token not found error” on Lg Optimus 3D Rooted and with ics

  • Ajay

    Token Not Found error on Tablet-GT-P1010 (Froyo and device is rooted)

  • Anonin

    More devices please!, example: Moto X!

    • Kevin


  • Jorge

    Hi, I canot select device, only can select operator and in the device list it says restore.

  • deve

    ‘token not found’ -GT I9003, froyo 2.2.1

    • vdvbc

      i got same problem :S
      same device and firmware too

  • Karel Vik

    I have Android 4.0.4 (CyanogenMod on HP TouchPad) and this software doesn’t work – I can’t finish registration process (Google account can’t be selected). Any advice for me please?

  • Kevin

    Make the moto x selectable, please! I would really love to download touchless display

  • Harry

    Hey. Wanna know if now or in a future update I can receive updates from the original carrier on an unlocked phone? Meaning fooling AT&T into thinking I’m on their carrier to get an OTA update without needing to flash a new update. Or would this only work 4 fooling playstore.

  • please add support to unrooted android devices please

  • please add support to unrooted device e.g htc desire c i a not able to install anything from thr help of market helper please add unrooted android devices.

  • error
    your device is not supported please add support to unrooted device e.g htc desire c

  • Brian

    Error: Token not found
    Samsung SCH-I500
    Firmware Version: 2.3.5
    Running Market Helper 1.1

  • Josh

    All I can say is that it didn’t work for me either…. at first… try all the models avail… hell even try diff carriers. I eventually found one that worked.

  • Woah that’s pretty dangerous. I wouldn’t wanna risk since I manage my business with my Mobile and it’s a new Samsung note 3! Hahaha. But your other posts are great posts as well. Always appreciate those post that are of content and original. Keep it up!

    Maid agencies in Singapore

  • Acid_1

    It worked for me but I am unable to find or remove a program I had added via Play Store when I discovered it REALLY isn’t compatible with my device.

  • TC_inATL

    I selected Samsun Galaxy S3, but it shows on my account as the Galaxy Note.

  • jarocks

    I tweaked the layout of the app so it would work on my smartwatch, is it okay if I redistribute so others can use it?

  • Cryniak

    I got the error “Token not found” with Samsung Stratosphere
    Hardware version I405.05
    Model Number SCH-I405
    Firmware 2.3.5

  • Derol

    Tokem Not Found error on my rooted samsung galaxy sl GT-I9003
    froyo 2.2.1

  • a2f3x7 _v7

    Hi, I’m running android image in virtualbox environment:

    Device: x86
    Model: VirtualBox
    Manufacturer: innotek GmbH
    Version: 4.3
    Build Name: android_x86-userdebug 4.3 JSS15J eng.cwhuang.20130725.203820 test-keys
    Locale: US

    Every time I launch MarketHelper I get “Root permissions not granted”. But android is rooted “out of the box”.

    Any ideas what’s going wrong?

  • Sumant

    Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 running 2.3.6 Gingerbread. Everything done smoothly but not able to download incompatible apps.

  • Jacob

    Token not found Samsung galaxy tab Gtp1010. My email [email protected]

  • Hemil Patel

    Unable to find my new device in dashboard.
    I have also tried the way you mentioned in faq but still unable to find

    • lukini

      trying to dowload google maps as me ? XD

  • Jhoparta

    nice job 🙂

  • Timur Aydın

    It dont works on my machine(galaxy note 10.1)

  • Alessandro Silvestri

    Dear friend,

    first of all compliments on the app.

    Can you please add galaxy tab 3 1.01 (GT-P5200) and galaxy tab1 (GT-P7500) in the selectable spoofed devices.
    That would be really appreciated by italian users, and most of all will worth my thanks and my donation?


  • Da Moose

    Does anyone know if it will work with a Connect 9 tablet running android 4.4 ?? Thanks in advance.

  • Josh Beall

    I can’t get this app to work I’m running 2.3.6 I follow each step exactly like you said above and it doesn’t work.

    Samsung Galaxy s2 sch-r760

  • benito

    I got a samsung note 2 but it don’t work why?

  • benito

    My android version is 4.3 an my model is GT N7100

  • hachree

    It downloaded, but it couldn’t install the app. It shows a box saying “CPU ABI incompatible”. Any help?

  • Hombre-x GSP

    I have the error “token not found” my device is a Galaxy Tab p1000n with gingerbread 2.3.3
    If you can fix this bug, I will thank you much.

    Sorry for my english but I speak spanish


  • Veasna Pedersen

    I am getting an Error Token Not Found for SCH-i1500 for Verizon Wireless Samsung Fascinate

    • Veasna Pedersen


  • Dario

    HI, I wanted to install google keep on my Droid 3 Gingerbread device but it doesn’t work for me

  • Artem Moretz

    Why my device doesn’t change to new device. I select phone, country, operator, press Activate, open Google Dashboard and my device doesn’t change. I trying again and again, but nothing help. My device – HTC Butterfly S (901s), Android 4.4.2, Rooted, custom software Maximus HD 12.0.1 (sorry for my english)

    • Thomas

      Why on earth would you need Market Helper if you have android 4.4 and above? There aren’t that many, or if any (unless you have an off brand), device with that new of software that you can’t download all the apps you want in the Market.

  • Thomas

    It turns like this does work Kindle fire HD. My problem was that I was installing (as soon as I rooted) Droidwall and activating it, which I’m guessing was blocking Market Helper in some way. This might be true with other devices, guys. So don’t install DroidWall or anything of the like to enjoy Market Helper, if you are having problems.

  • brian

    even after I change my location, it still appears “not available in your country” in google play =[ doesnt work

    • graemev

      Tried to use to get Samsung smartview 1.0 … Says a Samsung note3 is not compatible … Tried many alternates here , none worked.

  • Jimmy Charles

    I get token not found on the original galaxy S (i897) running gingerbread (2.3.5)

  • Kyle Leighton

    I too got token not found. I am running Samsung galaxy player 5.0 (YP-G70) on gingerbread 2.3.5 I really want this app. Please help! Yes it is rooted properly!

  • Andres Meneses

    y porque no haces que cambie o que engañe a la store tambien mediante la version de android por la ultima 4.4 ?

  • Kyle

    i got the token not found error.. I am running a Samsung Infuse on 2.2.1 Froyo

    • miigiito

      Hola oye ya encontraste la solucion para ese error?

  • nikhil

    i’m using a samsung galaxy ace plus with the stock gingerbread ROM and i’ve insatalled the MARKET HELPER and followed the instructions and my device was successfully registered as the samsung galaxy s3 along with my new account, then i tried to download nova launcher and as usual it showed “your device isnt compatible” !!
    so i tried downloading greenify and still the result was same.
    it says device not compatible!!
    pls reply

    • Tiny Ty

      Nova is not compatible with gingerbread

  • miigiito

    I have no token error in lg P925 fun as I can fix that?

  • Harsh Chotalia

    my device got stuck in between on google play its showing my original device and from my device i cant open google play my email id is [email protected] please help

  • Reece

    Would this work to download Amazon specific apps from the Amazon appstore onto my Nexus 7 (2013)?

  • David

    hi, im trying it use this on a Pendopad 7″ with android 4.2 jellybean and when i press activate , i get an error message saying , Root permission is not granted.
    What do i do now???

  • Sêîf Bôûslãmã

    it write me error token not found
    firmware version: 2.3.3
    baseband: i9000NEJV5
    build number: GINGERBREAD.NEJVD

  • Diana Marcela Alfonso

    this is only to phones or it uses in tablets too?

  • Bob

    well i hope you add Samsung galaxy S4 soon…

  • wobbly

    I read the comments, my problem is not there. I’m logged into Google in the browser, but the “Select Account” field is emtpy and will not let me type in it. Where does it get the account info from?

  • cloud23

    woooh super thank you bro. it work perfectly.

  • omar


  • GeorgG

    Can I request the option to choose a Sony smartphone as faked device please?

  • gilson andrade

    My Tablet is a LENOXX TB50, android 4.2 system, did the whole process, but the error message appears saying that the root permission is not granted. Ask For Help! Sorry for bad English.

  • Brennan

    Got the token message with Samsung Infuse 4g

  • Cliff

    Does this thing still work? I’ve tried changing my device to many choice of phone and carrier or even no carrier and when I go to the dashboard it’s got some unrelated name like “Occam” etc and still can’t install the app.

  • P

    Thank you. It worked!! Now I can install many apps especially blogger.

  • Jacob Sánchez Pérez

    Please help, “token not found” on android 2.2.1 Samsung Galaxy Tab 1 7″ GT-P1010

  • An uswer

    The download link does not work (522 error), cloudflare does not help.

  • Xander

    I have a Samsung sgh 1997
    It said token not found

  • Favo Perdana H.S

    Great article, because many information can be found here 🙂

  • Markus Kessler

    “Token not found”… can someone help me? I’m using Samsung Galaxy S 2.3.3

  • Skaperteen

    It just allows me to see the incompatible apps i still cannot download the app because afted i touch download it says cpu gpi incompatible. So it’s pretty much a ussless app for me.

  • JoshuaAuerbach

    Didnt work for me.
    I have a T-Mobile LG G2
    Tried downloading Google Now Launcher
    Tried different phones and carriers in the US
    Tried India
    Doesnt work.

  • chandra wijaya

    “Token not found”… can someone help me? I’m using Samsung Galaxy STAR GT-S5282

    • Darian

      Wish someone would answer! :'(

  • Djeazon

    Bonjour l’application marche mais dés que j’active il dit this device is not rooted. i will add support to unrotted devices in later versions, il faut faire quoi ?

  • tom

    Token not found using Samsung galaxy G1000

  • Micheli Madrid Leão

    porque não consigo terminar a instalação da “ANDROID ID NOT FOUND” e já desistalei e instalei e não deu

  • Angel

    Token Not Found: Galaxy Player 4.2 YP-GI1 – Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread

  • Shiv

    Token not found error… Android 2.2.1 (froyo.xwkc1) … Device galaxy tab gt-P1010 wifi

  • Eric Villar Juarez

    token not found android 2.2 samsung galaxy s vibrant please help D:

  • Tommi

    Didn’t work for me on Android 4.1/ACER tablet. Google Play lists the fake name and operator correctly, but still complaints about the (lack of) compatibility and refuses to activate the Install button. 🙁

  • da badman T

    phoney app!

  • I’m working on a newer version. If you have problem with Market Helper, send me an email ( redphoenix89 [@at] ) and explain your problem. Thanks

  • Version 2.0 beta is now available. You may encounter some FCs. I’ll try to fix it ASAP. Thanks

  • Singhavi Vaibhav

    Same here I think this is because of Android running 4.4.4 or higher than 4.4.2. Since on my nexus 7 2012 this same error come up.

  • Antoniy

    Hi. I got a problem with last version. My phone -Sony Xperia ZR (Android 4.4.2 ver 10.5.A.0.230). I try to set a phone, and restore it. Program messages me ’bout successful operation. (with visiting my device manager and loging in my Google Account ) But in fact nothig realy changes. What’s wrong with the situation ?

  • Kaustubh

    Hi. I tried Market Helper changed the name of my Device..
    But when I tried to download Facebook Home. It said that ‘Device is incompatible’..
    I changed it to HTC One X+.
    Market Helper 2.0 Beta

  • Pingback: Installing Android 4.4 KitKat in Windows using VirtualBox | My Personal Embedded Experiences()

  • George

    Are there any alternate download locations? Google Drive tells me “Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time.”

    • pquer

      I was getting that too. I kept refreshing the page and eventually it downloaded though.

  • pquer

    When I hit “activate” Market helper crashes while “preparing.” Android version 2.3.6, Samsung Galaxy S

    • raj

      Same problem is persisting with me also…pls help

  • Steven Seed

    It’s not working for me on my Android-x86 installation of 4.4.4 on a Sony Vaio Pro 11. It just spins forever on step 2: Doing magical stuff… I’m trying to set it to one of the tablet options.

    • same here, on nexus 7.

    • Aaron Teitlebaum

      Same here, on Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 with 4.4.2.

    • swyper1skydriver

      same here, stays at step 2 forever… with LG G2

      edit: problem ocurred with moto X as selected device. HTC on X+ works well.

  • ripqhy

    guys.. can we use it to fake the market? ex: if you want to install some app on Japanese market play store, but i lived in Indonesia, it says “this application doesn’t available in your country”

  • raj

    I am using samsung galaxy s duos gt7562..the same problem is also persisting with me..pls help if u found the problem

  • Kal-toh

    why do I need to use my email address and agree to ac2dm before it’ll spoof the PlayStore and I’m forewarned about me and my account. What might happen to me or my account seeing how I use my email and ac2dm?

  • arinavi

    guys, this app only help u fix the app sad incompatible to ur phone, it mean not avaiable to ur “phone”, no more.

    to download not avaiable in ur “country” u need folow 4 steps (seach app by urself). for ex “plant vs zombie 2” only avaiable in USA (just example)
    -a fake ip tool can fake usa ip
    -app named “Market Access” to fake ID network, chose usa in my ex.
    -turn off “Location” in ur phone
    -clear google play data then enjoy.

  • Stelios

    I have an off brand tablet with android 4.4 rooted. Market is working
    for me, but i still can’t download some apps (like taxibeat). Any

  • Jon

    How do I spoof OS restrictions? I want to install an app that requires 4.3+ but my phone is on 4.1. Any ideas?

  • gcappa

    Doesn’t work anymore. Cant get kijiji on my tablet.

  • gcappa

    Have the sm-t705, faked with s5, Canada, bell. Opened device manager, cleared play store. Still no go.

  • gcappa

    Says android ID not found now and play store won’t connect.

    • gcappa

      Waiting a day fixed my problems. I think it had something to do with the server time and phone time being off.

  • Adrian Amado M.

    Request Device: Moto G, please, i need to install latest version of Motorola Radio FM in my Motorola D1

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    installed successfully, app crash while performing the country and operator change

  • deutan

    I’ve spoofed as a Samsung Galaxy S5 successfully, and i’ve checked in android device manager. however play store still says that my device is incompatible (real device is Galaxy Grand Quattro, GT-I8552). Help please?

  • ﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞ ﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞ

    Doesn’t even fucking let me use it says my phone needs to be rooted but it already is wtf? Help

    • Sunny

      No need to cry it’s free..
      You might wanna check root properly go play store and install Root Checker.

  • De-von Nicholson

    the app keeps crashing
    help please!!!

  • Stuart Nightingale

    is there any way this app can support kindle devices?

  • Mahmoud Al Nagar

    Market Helper has stopped, Please fix this, using nexus 7 2013, Android 4.4.4, Thanks

  • Benjamin

    Stuck on the ‘doing magical stuff’ screen. LG G3, stock.

    • Stefan Kuhn

      I fixed this by killing the app (and retry changing ) twice in a row and after killing the play store it works on my sm-9005N. (First run it asks for c2dm second run for Androidmarket on the third it worked)

  • Darkmagician839

    I’m using an all winner 10inch tablet. Brand is MP GIO model QM 101. When i tP activate it say no tOken found.. OS adroid 4.2.2.. Please ffix.. Thanks

  • А А

    Not work android 5.0.
    Please,update programm

  • zubzy

    I have a next book NX785QC8G 4.4.2 KIT KAT and when I click activate it says market helper as unfortunately stopped plz fix

  • Bob Newman

    Used the tool, and my Droid X2 w/ 2.3.5 is now shown as a Moto X in Google Android Device Manager. However, Google Play apps like Fox News still show as incompatible. Not sure where to go from here.

  • JSStaedtler

    I just installed Market Helper on my Note 3 (Cyanogenmod 12 – Lollipop). I’m trying to get Mojang’s Scrolls onto the phone since it’s tablet-only.

    MH does its magic successfully, and when I check Android Device Manager the phone appears as a Shield or Nexus 7 or whatever I chose. But when using the Play Store app, Scrolls still says it’s incompatible. If I look for other tablet-only apps they also won’t install (or even appear in the search results).

    Even stranger, I can view the Play Store on the web, and check which of my devices are compatible. Scrolls says it’s compatible with my “Shield.” But when I click “Install,” suddenly it says it *isn’t* compatible. So I can’t push the app to my phone from the web either.

    Perhaps MH can’t crack Lollipop yet? Or has there been a Play Store update recently that broke it? I’m also open to the possibility that I’m doing something wrong…

  • M C

    Installed earlier today on my sprint note 4, trying to get usagi fone and its related aps from anifone but country code usa isnt allowed :(. turning off the 2 step verification on my gmail allowed me to get past step 2 doing magic, and i saw it update my device name under the google manager, i removed all my wallet forms of pay and such, but still got the cant download for your country 🙁

  • Michael V

    So I’ve been trying to do this on my Asus MemoPad (ME172) and everytime I try to Activate, it says “preparing” for a few seconds and then “Unfortunately, Market Helper has stopped” and closes out. 🙁

  • jigar furia

    While activate on my tab 3 sm211got error Unfortunately market helper stopped

    • Dolphinworks

      I’ve got the same error. Im running on a MK808b Plus device with 4.4.2. Any idea whats the cause for that? TNX

  • Deliciae

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and whenever I choose my settings and press Activate, I get the error “Unfortunately, Market Helper has stopped”. It doesn’t matter which settings I choose.

  • Mutaib Dijoo

    Hi Sir
    I installed Market Helper on my Micromax Canvas Fun A63 with android 4.2.2 Jellybean. After that when i tried to spoof my device, the app crashes every time. When i press activate button, after selecting any of the above options on the app, the app starts to spoof.
    Step-1 Preparing — proceeds perfectly.
    Step-2 Performing magical stuff — The app crashes in this step. The Device shows “ Unfortunately Market Helper has stopped working ” and closes the application.
    Thus no spoofing takes place.
    Please please please fix this error as urgently as possible. I’m in high need of this app.

  • I.M. P. Incorrect

    For the folks saying that this is crashing on them, I haven’t tried it yet, but it does say that it’s for “Rooted Devices” only. Before I learned how to root my devices I would run into the same type of error with these kinds of apps. So make sure to root your device first.

  • I just want to change my device to Google TV so I can download Sky Force Aniversary (Android TV version), but this app doesn’t work, the apk downloader doesn’t work either

  • JRH

    Worked perfectly!
    Make sure you go to the link he gives to device manager exactly as he describes. I used this on a no name Chinese tablet running 4.4.2

    The step 2 took at least 45min to complete but it will finish on its own.

  • Maru Mado

    Hello, sir.
    After clicking the link to the Android Device Manager, the text would change model but the image does not. For example, the letters show Nexus 7 (a tablet) but the image is the phone that I am using (the text was spoofed but not the image). It also does not let me download apps that are incompatible with my device.
    PS. I thought that this may be related: before using your app, I tried editing the build.prop file but it did not work. I just tried again a while ago but it did not work either.

  • mahdiameri

    Is very good

  • it does not work. it crashes when i apply it. please fix. my device is Samsung Galaxy S3 mini runing Android 4.4.4 Cyanogenmod 11

    • rey

      Same here i m using Cyanogenmod 12…it always crashes..i tried fix permission but still didn’t work

  • NetSpeedZ

    The first time I tried this, worked well. Tried it a second time and can not get Google Device Manager to see the phone I activated through the app. Assistance would be appreciated.

  • Vahe

    It does not work. my device is HTC one M8, and the app stops instead of activation.

  • Antwi kyem bismark

    It crashes when It gets super su permissione with archos 40ti 4.2.2

  • stop ignoring us. update your market helper now!

  • Rus Brushkoff

    Do not works at Android 4.3 – says “device is not rooted” though the device is fully rooted (checked with several rootchekers). Seems like app has broken root check or so ;(

  • putchuchu

    “error blah blah blah …”
    andriod version 2.3.6
    samsung ace duos s6802

  • Jan Havel

    It crashes when It gets super su permissions on my device (Samsung Galaxy Note 2) too. :/

  • 璨若迷烟


  • lprolbluesknght

    I got error (force close) when “doing magical stuff” on my tab 2 p5100 cm11 4.4.4 please fix it I waiting for almost 1 year -_-

  • Jovan Jerek Tan

    uhmm. for those stuck in step 2. i just turned my gps to high accuracy and it worked. well. thats for me.

  • David

    Getting a “force close” just whet the magical stuff begins..Samsung s4 lolipop,andriod 5.0.1. Sweden.

  • I get “force close” on HTC one V, android 4.0.4 (myONEv), Russia.

  • Taylor Ringo

    I tried to use this on my rooted Nexus 7 2013 (Lollipop 5.1) it says that it works but I tried installing a region locked game, it still says my devices are incompatible. I tried using a HTC phone located in Japan, it was definitely listed on my device manager but I tried installing from my desktop browser (Google Chrome). Are you able to update your app for Lollipop devices? I truly appreciate your work, I used to have a Nexus 7 2012 with KitKat and it worked out greatly.

  • MaxNemec


  • nate

    Does this change the mac address

  • Axel Boldt

    I’m using a Galaxy S2 i9100 running Cyanogenmod 11 Android 4.4.4. In Market Helper 2.0-beta I pick Phone Samsung Galaxy S4, I leave Operator at “Restore”, enter my account and tap “Activate”. I grant the Superuser request, and then I get “Unfortunately, Market Helper has stopped.” Unfortunately, indeed.

  • Sean Haddy

    Not working on Virtualbox emulator, windows 7, 64bit

  • Adrian Commins

    I’m getting a FC, once I hit activate on my Xiaomi Mi4 LTE running Ivan’s AOSP 5.1.1 ROM.
    It used to work perfectly on my HTC One M7 GPE but, alas, I guess I’ll never get to experience Adult Swim’s Virtual Brainload. :'(

  • Ashwin

    it works for me. however, though the play store on web shows i can install the app, it doesn’t show on the mobile

  • marmuel

    Great job! Thank you! Is there any chance to add other devices? Cheers Marco

  • Chris Jimenez

    I have an HTC one max Verizon and I can’t get pass step one app stops

  • panji

    if problematic if I activate helper market with wifi network

  • hakan Köksal

    Hi i use s4 i9500 -n4/s6 aurora no 6.1v8.5 and market helper doesnt work with that phone i always got stopped error . What can i do ? Am i try to fix it with sqlite editor ?? (Changed built prop but it doesnt change)

  • Kyle Kirby

    I am using the Samsung droid charge from Verizon running android 2.3.6 and the app says that my phone has changed to the gs5 even on the android device manager it has changed to the gs5 but all of the apps I try to download are still incompatible both on my phone and computer. Any help you can give on this issue would be appreciated.

  • Michal

    Thanks for update, it’s working now on lollipop almost without problem. But I have one problem with ‘Nvidia Shield’ profile, after activating this profile and change to Shield on my device manager I see (and can buy) almost all games from ‘Nvidia Shield Partners’, like Half-Life 2 with both addons Episode 1 & 2, Portal etc., but Doom 3 BFG Edition is still show as incompatible. I think it’s problem with to old Shield profile, can You may update this profile to get more apps from Nvidia and THD editions?

    Best regards and thanks for great work!

  • Rick Oliveira

    Error: Token not found, phone Motorola Moto E, version 4.4.4, Brasil.

  • M Irfan Junaidi

    Error: token not found
    Samsung Galaxu Mini GT-S5570
    Gingerbread 2.3.4

  • Ricardo Mercader

    I got Token not found
    Sony Xperia T2 Ultra
    Lollipop 5.0.2


  • Darian

    My device is rooted, but when i try to use Market Helper i get a ”Token not found” error… What do i do?

  • Goodwill Fuentes

    It didn’t change my device to another one 🙁

  • Brandon Beineke

    I recieved the “token not found” error

    RCA 10 Viking Pro
    Android Lollipop 5.0

    plz reply back and tks for being awesome! 🙂

  • Sean

    Hi. I’m emulating android 4.2.2 with AMIDuOS software on a PC. Quite a few “incompatible apps”, sadly.
    After setting up the Market Helper, as tablet or phone, and visiting both paths to the device manager (the one from the popup and the link mentioned on this site) nothing changes, the device shows DuOS no matter what option I choose (I’ve tried all options, and DuOS is “Default”, neither “phone” nor “tablet”)
    Other details that may be relevant: 1) my motherboard doesnt have wifi, so internet in the emulator works fine, but through ethernet connection. 2) I’m not in USA, but south-america. 3) Root is active, obviously, yet DuOS does not allow me to edit build.prop (I tried that other method too, and stuck in this part), this seems weird?

    Has anyone tried any of this? If someone have a clue on how to solve this, please tell this poor casual. Thanks!

  • Thomas Frank

    Looks like no other mobile device is available for me. It only lists my current device (s2)

    • Thomas Frank


  • Tim Lübbe

    Token not found

    Galaxy Ace (GT-5830i)
    Android 2.3.6

    Using Cyanogenmod.

  • Tim

    “Token Not Found” Samsung Infuse 4G Android 2.3.6

  • Marcus Gaudio Sr.

    Restart device after using now it stuck on splash screen and can’t use the device at all

  • Matthew Dickinson

    Tried changing my Asus MEMO HD to a Nexus 7 and apps are still not showing as compatible. I do have a Nexus 7 and those apps are compatible with it, any ideas.

  • Atul Chavan

    HI, i tried both the versions but didn’t workout for me. For 2.0 Beta version it is giving error “sorry application closed unexpectedly” and for 2.0.3 it gives error “This device is not rooted”. Can I do this without root? My android ver is 2.3.3 and model is Sony Xperia x10i. please help me.

  • hi, i have a rooted phone with andorid 4.4.4 i have wifi enabled and connected, and also 4g, but when i open market helper it says no internet connection found and it close, why?

  • meanrat

    It keeps saying I do not have an internet connection. But I have! Can I do something to resolve this? Right now I am trying to use SuperSu. I haven’t, because I could enable root access within android settings, but maybe Market Helper asks for it another way?

  • sp00n82

    “Token not found” error message with Samsung GT-S7710 Xcover2 running Android 4.1.2, using Market Helper 2.0.3.

  • i got Unknown error code during application install “-505”

  • Reuben

    No error, but just seems to not do anything. I taped “Activate” last night, and several hours later it’s still not updated. I’m on Asus Zenfone 2 running 5.0 Lollipop.

  • Joan

    Token not fun it said, what can i do my tablet is samsung galaxy sm-t210, android 4.4.2

  • Ian Truelsen

    I am trying to convince the google play store to allow me to install gps software to my non-gps tablet. I do have bluetooth gps, but I need to get google play to let me install the app. I have installed market helper and followed the instructions and it shows up in the device manager as asus nuxus 7, which has gps. Still, I cannot install the apps. I have cleared the data from my google play app. Any other thoughts?

  • Radek

    I have Nexus S and change to Galaxy S5, but I see the active device is the Nexus S, but Samsung S5 was active until a minute ago. Sometimes Samsung S5 is an active device, but at the moment it’s Nexus S again. Play Store still writes incompatible.

  • Bill Lin (嘉陞)

    Hi, Can I simulate as other devices, for example Sony Z3 or Z5 or Sony Z3 Tablet Compact ? thanks.

  • KenyanBunnie Covet

    Followed the steps. Says I need to update it from the website. See no updates. I attempted to activate it, tells me it has stopped working.

    I would like help on how I can download the new version of a game called Covet Fashion.Both Google App store and Amazon App store say it is not compatible with my tablet. My tablet is only a few months old. Lenova Yoga. This is so frustrating since I have spent an insane amount of real money on the game.

    Someone help me. 🙁

  • Max

    Everything seems to work, but I still can’t install any apps that blacklist my device. It seems I need to delete the old device, but Google Dashboard doesn’t have a delete option. Any ideas? (Maybe I have to create a new google account? Not convenient…)

  • k0nrad

    I have a message – TOKEN NOT FOUND. My device is MEIZU MX4 PRO with the FLYME OS Could You please advise with this?

  • kr Android

    I have Meize MX3, all worked fine. But now your app starts saying I do not have an internet connection. But I have!

    • chinese?
      我也用的mx3 是用了以后又不行了吗??

  • Arnel Gabriel

    Hi My phone is Cherry Mobile Spark Tv. And it says “TOKEN NOT FOUND”.

  • David Lee

    took a bit of trouble-shooting
    1) rooted
    2)market helper
    3) alcatel to samsung s5
    4) Problem with app installing

    5) uninstalled BT Mobile
    6) reinstalled BT Mobile
    7) REinstalled BT Wifi ( the one i want and couldn’t get )
    8) Installed fine …… beauty
    9) Installed e.g buses app which couldn’t do before

    AMAZING and awesome dude

  • mising

    Hi, thanks for this app!
    Instead of “token not found”, I get “Android ID not found”.
    I am trying to use it on a rooted e-ink Boyue T61d, Android 4.2.2
    Thank you

  • Paul Simon

    Last build seemed to work on my googletv box for tv.. changed to nexus 7 tablet
    however it still said incompatible directly on device in playstore.

    so I logged in browser on pc and went to the playstore and searched for the app wanted to installl and clicked install and from the list I select nexus 7 and it sent the app fine to the device and installed it.. even though on device playstore still said incompatible

    the app works just fine.. why this app changed status on playstore is nonsense as its worked fine on device for years.

    so I suggest those to try this method if says set on google account.. it should allow sending to device from web browser playstore instead of the playstore apk

  • Reuben

    Is it possible to add information for a tablet that has an Intel processor? I have the Asus Zenfone 2, which has an Intel processor, and I want to make sure I download the Intel-optimized versions, if available.

  • TannerWheel1

    Didn’t work for me. The decice’s name is changed in Android device manager but Google Play store still shows the app incompatible…tried it many times but unsuccessful.

    • Laura Fischler

      same thing happened to me. Wipe google play cache and data. Then the play store will see you as the new device.

      • Graig Zaremba

        Wiped data for me. App still showing as incompatible. Shows incompatible even in the play store online on my computer under the info tab for the app being incompatible for some of my devices.

        • Laura Fischler

          I would suggest to try again. Wipe cache and data for play first. Wiping first clears the search que too, Restart the market app, choose a different device than last time, or maybe it’s not available in the country you chose, try a different country. Check device manager, open google play. Search for app/game. 🙂 hope it works. I had to try a few times.

  • Joey Pierce

    There’s no ee for the uk

  • Moon Rhapsody

    Feedback: Error “Cannot connect to API server”.
    Cellphone: Goophone i6plus
    Android version: 4.2.2
    + I could not select country 7 unavailable (Mexico) and company (Telcel)
    Hope it helps for an upcoming update.

  • Nwek0T344

    I’m using a Moto G (XT1032) and get the token error!

  • this is a name

    using android sm-t530, getting “cannot get auth token”

  • Laura Fischler

    excellent. thanks.

  • Isidro Barrera Jaramillo

    Error Android ID not found, market helper, como soluciono esto? como lo corrijo? LG P720H 3D Max, con android 2.3.5, no puedo entrar ni al Gmail, tampoco a mi google play me dice error de conexion con el servidor, ni al google+ sin conexion, no es posible conectar con el servidor, solucionen esto, donde hayo el archivo q da Id a mi android? 5diciembre 2015.

  • Naama Cohen

    How do I contact the developer?

  • Dozzy

    Sony Xperia T3 android 4.4.4 cannot get auth token”

  • ammy

    Hi ad custom mobile phone to add any models

  • Shaurya Vinod Sharawat

    please update for the unrooted/stock phones

  • Hussein Bahaidarah

    I am trying to change my device into LG Google TV; but the change does not get reflected on Google play. I have RK3288 devices running wasser-3.0.2-beelink-r89-rk3288_box firmware.

  • Grimmjow Jaguerjaques

    Error: Token not found (Lg Optimus L3 E400)
    Please help 🙁

  • sam

    It’s not getting activated what should i do
    Xperia zr

  • sam

    Some one plz help me

  • aphrx

    Token not found: Samsung Galaxy S II, Android 2.3.6

  • Vitaliy Chernykh

    Error: Token not found. Device: Samsung GT-S5830I, Android 4.2.2

  • Abhishek Chourasia

    Error: Cannot send device config
    Device ; rooted samsung galaxy s duos (s7562)

    • Robert Denton

      i an getting the same “Cannot send device config”. I go to the Android device manager page and it tells me its the device i pick but the app store doesnt change and allow the app. i am using the samsung galaxy tab 4. SM-T230NU

      • Chris Bobbett

        Same error for me on rooted LG Optimus G

  • Krish Nambiar

    I’m using an one plus one device.. Android version 5.1 and it shows me that cannot get auth token shud I do ??

  • Stalks

    Token not found – Parrot Asteroid Tablet (Parrot in car entertainment System) Running Gingerbread. Not working since update and I do not know where to find older APK.

  • Kirill Cherkasov

    “Cannot send device config” on Step 3 at the beginning
    Huawei G6-U00, Android 4.4.2, rooted



  • kocak bau

    error cannot send device config

  • ahuggs

    “Cannot send device config” error, as many others are saying. Happens after “Step 03: Sending request to Android server…”
    Using a Nexus 4. Android version 4.4.4 (cyanogendmod version 11.0)

  • Viktor Polyakov

    Same problem – “Cannot send device config”. I haven’ got it before

  • Vijil Kotherikunnumal

    Same error as everyone’s…….
    “Cannot send device config”
    Please fix this I like this app very much…!

  • JBCool

    Error “Cannot send device config”. and I can see that there is a lot of users that have the same problem
    and your Market Helper 2.0 (beta) ( 2014/08/20 ) crashes every time when I press Activate….

  • Artur N ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Here you have link to version 1.1 that works for me:


    remove ,, ( ” and ,, ) ” of coursre

  • James Trosky

    Thanks for that link to version 1.1 – that seems to work for me as well (was using 2.0.3, which “broke” reently).

  • Version 2.0.4 is now available. Sorry for the delay.

    • BrandeX

      Can not send device config.

      Latest version, this used to work too.

      Xiaomi Note Pro, rooted.

  • AntonyDe

    Can’t activate. Got error msg: user account not found. Using Samsung s3 with cyanogenmod 13.

    • Christopher L

      Go into Settings -> Apps, scroll to the Market Helper entry, and make sure the phone, storage, and contacts permissions are granted to the app. Then force stop the app & try again.

      • AntonyDe

        Thanks Christopher; that was the solution. Unfortunately Market Helper did not trick my bank app into seeing my phone as a bona fide S4. I was hoping to be able to use my phone for touch and pay, without requiring the stick on plastic that pre S4 require.

  • diaa hussein

    it is giving token not found on FireTV android version

  • Адам Джаримов

    Highscreen Hercules. Android 4.4.2

  • Alexander Martin

    Doesn’t work in LG G3 Stylus, I’ve completed all the steps, but the new device is never displayed on Google Play

  • Swadesh Jana

    It doesn’t work on Samsung Galaxy S Advanced with android 2.3.6. Even after all steps are completed, the new device is never displayed. The ‘Activate’ button remains the same; it doesn’t change. Please help.

  • DaveKid

    I keep getting the error “user account not found”. This made me assume that I needed to select something from that item. But it’s enmpty. As in nothing to select.


    • Sujan Shrestha

      Go into Settings -> Apps, scroll to the Market Helper entry, and make sure the phone, storage, and contacts permissions are granted to the app. Then force stop the app & try again…..

  • F M

    Can I be banned from using this app?

  • Wilson Bradley

    Where is Note 5 and 6S device selection?

  • Japunis

    It somehow doesnt work for me… All apps (even though they might not work) are downloadable right?
    I rooted my mobile phone and installed the market helper and if I now choose how I want to disguise my phone and go on google device manager everything seems to work. The device manager shows not my actual phone but the phone I chose. If I now enter Google Play there is now difference. It still sais ‘your device is incompatible with this app’. Does anyone have an idea what I might have done wrong?

    • David

      Same thing happens with me

  • Jutorus BO Truss

    Error: Token not found
    Device ; rooted TREQ Tune 3G

    please answer…. thanks

  • MauriceW

    Any chance of updating this app so it can spoof a tablet with an Intel Baytrail processor? For example the Asus MemoPad 7?

    I own a Teclast X98 Air III and a lot of apps are showing as incompatible atm 🙁

  • David

    Changes my device’s name. But even though it worked, i still can’t download the app i want

  • Dániel Takács

    Token not found: Samsung Galaxy Mini Android 2.3.4 Rooted, stock ROM

  • User account not found. I cant select an account it does nothing when i click the arrow to select. Android 6.0.1 running CM13-unofficial. Thaaanks

    • Sujan Shrestha

      Go into Settings -> Apps, scroll to the Market Helper entry, and make sure the phone, storage, and contacts permissions are granted to the app. Then force stop the app & try again….

  • Asnitas syam

    my android 2.3.6 can’t change device 🙁

  • Peter Greene

    I’m getting the token not found error. I’m trying to install Market Helper on an old Huawei Ascend II (M865) running Android 2.3.6. I got everything up to that point working just fine!

  • Vitlero

    User account not found

    • Juakin Bm

      same here, using “Huawei Honor 4c” Android v6.0 – Marsmallow

    • Sujan Shrestha

      Go into Settings -> Apps, scroll to the Market Helper entry, and make sure the phone, storage, and contacts permissions are granted to the app. Then force stop the app & try again…

  • Juakin Bm

    User account not found – Huawei Honor 4c (Huawei G Play Mini)

    • Sujan Shrestha

      Go into Settings -> Apps, scroll to the Market Helper entry, and make sure the phone, storage, and contacts permissions are granted to the app. Then force stop the app & try again..

  • reshu

    token not found error
    device A710
    android verson 4.0.3
    please help and reply

  • Edson Daniel Gonzalez Garnica

    token not found error

    device Samsumg Galaxy Ace

    android verson 2.3.5

    please help

  • shubham maurya

    Error: token not found samsung galaxy y gts536
    0 running on custom ios rom please help

  • Titus Flavius

    “user account not found” error on CM13 galaxy S5 duos

    • Sujan Shrestha

      Go into Settings -> Apps, scroll to the Market Helper entry, and make sure the phone, storage, and contacts permissions are granted to the app. Then force stop the app & try again.

  • van maladin

    error,token not found , samsung gt-s6102,tq

  • Sujan Shrestha

    I can’t excess account drop down box.
    Nexus 5
    Android 6.0.1

  • joao antonio

    token not found sm-t211m samsung galaxy tab 3

  • terranaut

    i was hoping to use this to have my nexus 7 2012 show as a nexus 7 2013, since many apps allow the 2013 but not the 2012 because they felt it was a ‘speed issue’ in not allowing the 2012. in this case i want to install google cardboard on the 2012 model, but i see only an option to choose ‘nexus 7’ with market helper, and so it makes my nexus7 2012 still show up as a nexus7 2012.
    is it possible to have the 2012 show as a 2013 model? thanks.

  • croco noco

    Token not found,Xperia z1s (c6916)

  • Oather Belcher

    Token not found …Galaxy Proclaim SCH-S720C … Firmware version 2.3.7

  • Keenan Green

    Can you add Nvidia Shield TV?

  • Tweet Rebollo

    Cannot send device config 🙁 please help

  • Tweet Rebollo

    Its no longer working the way it is before


    U gona root zen 2????

  • GGD

    Using 2.0.4 but still getting “Cannot Send Device Config”

    Nexus Player GT-I9500 (rooted), trying to set as Samsung Galaxy S4, all other fields “Default”

  • Samuel Plascencia

    I got the error “Token not found” In a tablet IBEXCEL IBT1020 Android 4.4.2

  • cesar escrig arnau

    I got the error “token not found” in samsung galaxy grand neo plus android 4.4.4 kitkat

  • Taakanori

    Token not found Nokia X2 android 4.3

  • M Chaudry

    I want to Install an App on a Andriod TV Box but app is designed to check (at run time) that it is on Phone or tablet. Change will need to persist on reboots (here is the app – PTCL Smart TV app)

  • MasterMind

    “Cannot get auth token” Motorola G3 🙁

  • Danilo Durães Capelão

    I do all the procedure and my device does not suffer due camouflage

    • Danilo Durães Capelão

      Please help me, i I’ve done the root procedure too n nothing happens..

  • rexct

    Although getting “Cannot Send Device Config”, the device name in Android Device Manager web page shows the correct device which I sat.

  • Babis Kourtzis

    Hi, we’d like to install an Android TV app (like Google Lean back launcher) to and Android 5.1 Set Top Box from Tronsmart, that is designated as mobile (apparently not using the Android 5.1 TV mode). We used market helper and changed device to the only TV available (LG Google TV), but the above app seems still incompatible. Can you please advise if you plan to offer the option of changing to any Android TV device, like Nexus Player?

  • dziubelis

    Token not found :/
    Samsung GT-S5660;
    Android ver. 2.3.7;

  • muhammad farid rohman

    Still cant download uncompatible app on play store

  • Yuval

    I got an error User account not found.
    Nexus 6
    Android 6.0.1

  • Keviinhoh Lopes

    Error This device is not ROOTED. I Will add support to unrooted devices in later versions,please help me , I’m having trouble with my tablet

  • Meowington Meows

    token not found.
    Samsung Galaxy W – sgh-t679
    Android ver. 2.3.5

  • veryveryvery123

    Token not found :/
    Xiaomi MiBOX1S;

  • marco

    token not found xperia m

  • Preston Harberts

    “cannot send device config” on a Samsung S4 Mini. It’s stuck as a Tegra device and I can’t get certain apps anymore and I don’t wanna factory reset…

  • Courtney Foose

    User account not found….. Marshmallow…. Doesn’t work

    • Adrian Kostyk

      Same here, User account not found, LG G2, 6.0.1

    • Thomas Veith

      Same for me, User account not found. LG V10 6.0.

  • Amy Pagnozzi

    Well — you did say it only works for android 2.3 and above, but I thought well, it’s to overcome the incompatible device thing, so I tried to install it on an ancient froyo samsung tab (2.2). .. is there an edit I can make to the manifest (or something similarly easy cuz that’s about as techie as I get). if I brick it for real, it doesn’t matter, and I can fix a softbrick. Thank you!

  • Subha Mitra

    Getting message “Token not found”. AT&T SGH-I897, Gingerbread.UCKK4-2.35 (Rooted)

  • Fabian Cortes

    Can you add more devices like the htc one m8 and m9. Thanks

  • Nonnon

    Token not found 🙁

  • vadim21

    Hello! I need help. I have Nvidia Shield Tablet 32gb/lte 4.4.2 Kitkat, i install market helper, selected new device and from that time i have LG Google Nexus 4. I can’t restore – i havn’t this button, if I reboot i have nexux too. I can’t instal Nvidia Shield apps. Please, help!

  • Jaime Rodriguez

    Token not found. :((
    Im using Samsung GT-S5830, Android 4.4.4 , ROM CyanogenMod-7.2.0-cooper-Reincarnation(Rooted).

  • ian

    When i try to activated its always back on my original device

  • viciousdefinity

    User Account Not Found – Nexus 7 2013

    • Same. Trying to make my Nexus 7 2013 (Wi-Fi, flo) identify itself as a Nexus 5 so that I can install Pokémon GO without downloading a potentially malware-infected APK of the game and sideloading it.

      Root is granted and the following settings in use…
      Device: Phone, LG Nexus 5
      Operator: United States, T-Mobile
      Account: [Blank] (no options available in the drop-down)

      • Gavaskar Naidu Recharla

        Yes. It happened for me to….. Account is blank. No option is available

    • Gavaskar Naidu Recharla

      Same here

  • Steve Patrick

    I am running 2.0.4 but still getting the “Cannot send device config” error

    • Jingxian Hu

      Me too. Still “Cannot send device config”

      • Mark A Davis

        I am also getting this error message whereas it was working not too long ago.

  • Xi Yuan

    i got a “Token not found” on my xiaomi mibox 2. what should I do?

  • Whats the ETA for the update to non-rooted devices? I want to get pokemon go by googleplay-means asap (i had to get an APK version but i cant update it)

    • Дима Рублевский

      I too

  • Gavaskar Naidu Recharla

    User account not found…..error that pops up when trying to activate. The account option is not showed in my device. Android version 6.0.1

    • Mutlu Can Yilmaz

      Settings > Apps>Market Helper>Permissions
      Give all Permissions. .

  • Koke

    It doesn’t change

  • Lewis Jones

    It says the device isnt rooted!

    • Atlas

      Then root it, dumbass.

      • “oh, this guy didn’t root his phone, so i’m going to tell him to root it and call him a dumbass!”

        • WankFest

          Are you dumb? He was complaining about his phone not being able to run an app that demands root, so of course replying that the idiot should root it is the correct response.
          Jesus fucking Christ, people are stupid.

  • Polluux

    Hi, I’m having issues with the application.
    I have a Samsung GT-i8190,
    When I select an other device in the list (ex Samsung S5) it say that it works and I just have to visit the google’s page.
    But when I do, I wait and … nothing changes :/
    Tried with severals devices but nothing :'(
    You may probably help me with it ^^
    (PS : my phone is rooted)

    • Henri Lindqvist

      Try restarting your phone after applying =) For me worked!

      • Polluux

        Isn’t restarting supposed to restore initials settings ?
        The message say that it will if I restart the device or leave my internet connexion :/

      • Polluux

        I tried restarting my phone, using Wi-fi, using mobile data, having gps active
        But Android Device Manager page never update my device as a new one … always with my same old one :'(

  • Parker Owings

    My Moto X Pure edition says “user account not found” everything is signed in, my device shows up on device manager…

    • Mutlu Can Yilmaz

      Settings > Apps>Market Helper>Permissions
      Give all Permissions.

  • Jean Bond

    Pollux I have the same problem. My phone is rooted, but when I go to the device manager, my device change but when I go on the playstore “Device not support” again. Don’t know why ! I do all the steps. Please help. Thanks

    • Matt Mallard

      I am same rooted,play store settings says phone changed,but app install link says incompatable. has anyone had this working since last play store update?

  • royek

    i got a “Token not found” Samasun Galaxy Tab 3 lite SM-T113, ANDROID 4.4.4

  • royek

    I use the program but nothings change. Please help. Samsung Galaxy tamb 3 litle andrtoid 4.4.4

  • Dragog33

    My lg g5 h850 is permanently changed (nothing after reboot)… so play store says some apps are incompatible even though they are (dog. AVG ANTIVIRUS)
    Is there any way to manually remove the changes..? Because my phone never changed back from what I set it to…

  • Arata david Mendez

    my device is a y210-0251 huawei android 2.3.6

  • Yap wei li

    Pls can someone help me solve this? When i press activate, i come out this “this device is not rooted, i will ad support to unrooted device in later version”

  • Farshid Roshanravan

    Nice job.
    Xposed module for your app to emulate and apply the settings and operator would be nice

  • LiceanoQliao

    Hi, my galaxy ace (gt-s5830m) says Token not found, please help 🙁

  • tammy

    I have rooted my tablet and says device changed but still cannot install app. Go to device manager as indicated…….. suggestions?

  • ivan alvarez

    hi, I have android 4.2 in samsung sm-t110 “cannot get auth Token”

  • xharles

    hi my device is Samsung GT-S5360 it says the token not found can you help me out please?

    • xharles

      please reply

  • Anaximandro Godinho

    Could you add the Brazilian operators?

  • Prajwal Uc

    You are amazing bro! Can finally install incompatible apps.

  • Max Glanz

    Phone model doesn’t change anymore after a few uses.

  • taopuh

    I got the “token not found”-error. I have Android version 2.3.3 and my phone is Samsung Galaxy Gio (GT-S5660).

  • Clayton Burkholder

    hello, I get token not found on Nexus Player.

  • Prince

    It says No connection to the Internet available.

  • DJ

    It says no connecting when you open it,why?

  • Prince

    Does not work, says no Internet.

  • David Galbraith

    Same, says no internet connection. WTF I am ALWAYS connected on my phone. And, YES, my phone is rooted.

  • Blackhat

    It means the app has been spied on you since installed and now his server has been down or broken..

  • Sam

    Can you please fix the app? It says that there is no internet connection..

  • Young

    This seems like the perfect fix, except I’m having that same problem of it saying I have no internet connection (?!?!). I really am connected! What to do?!

  • Brian Gale

    This app has never “spied” on you as some people say. If you want to verify this, you can use tools on your desktop to see exactly what it is trying to do.
    The app needs to connect to a web server to get the list of supported devices. The screen where you pick the device and network gets its data from the internet. This web host is either down or changed formats and the app can no longer get the data it requires.

    This leaves 2 options for us:
    1 – wait for the developer to drop a new version out (which he hasn’t done in a few years, so maybe we should be donating more so he can see there is interest)
    2 – decompile the app and re-code it up so it reads from a locally stored database instead of a web-based database

    I have no intention of stealing his work and releasing it as my own so I will not be working on option 2, but I am going to try to get a hold of the developer to see if he is aware of the issue and if he has any intention of fixing it.

  • Sam

    I got the message token not found on my GT-S5830i Android 2.3.6

  • Matheus Losch

    I got the message token not found on my Moto g 3 Android 6.0

  • Cado12

    I got the msg “Android ID not found” when I pressed activate

  • sunil

    Plz update app with non rooted and Jio Network support

  • Rainer Sonst Keiner

    I cannot use the account field…..there is just nothing and nothing happens whenI hit the arrow from the account-field … My device is rooted and I have cyanogenmod…pls help

    • Dani Johni

      You must Go to the settings and allow All permissons

  • Алексей Портнов

    Dear developers, please add the Nvidia Shield TV device in the “Market helper” application! Or add a Nvidia Shield Tablet, instead Portable. I am the owner of the tablet Xiaomi Mi pad, and Doom BFG edition download I can not, though the tablet features allow!

  • Dani Johni

    I got the Error “token Not found” on my OnePlus 3 with CM 14 (Android 7.0)

  • Roberto Ascoli

    I got the Error “token Not found” on my s3 neo android 4.42

  • Martin Gomez

    I’m using samsung tab 4 and it says error device is not rooted

  • Andy Thorpe

    Don’t work on S3 Mini tried over 50 apps, and non of them installed. So maybe you think you only made this for your phone? yes i am rooted, yes i have a custom rom installed,

  • BrandeX

    It’s dead. Can no longer connect to server and load the app at all.

  • Adrian Rowlands

    It activates fine but when I go to device page tablet name doesn’t change and I still can’t install incompatible apps. I’m using samsung tab ‘s 8.4

  • Cesar Lopez

    can u add Samsung newer devices… note5 ans s7 will be grate

  • Earman

    Thank you for making this program available, really appreciated.

    I seem to have a problem starting the program. I get the following error, even though the Wi-Fi is properly connected. Same error if I am on cellular Data network:

    “No connection to the internet is currently available.
    Please connect to a Wi-Fi or cellular data network
    and try again.”

    My phone is an HTC One M8 fully rooted. Info below:

    Android 6.0
    HTC Sense version 7.0
    Software version: 6.12.1540.4
    Kernel version: 3.4.0-perf-g708019f
    Baseband version: 1.19.214500021.24_2G_20.73.4196t.01_F
    Build number: 6.12.1540.4 CL662736 release-keys
    Android security patch level

    Any idea of what I can try?



    • Kaptain Amusing

      Yeah, I’m getting the same issue even though I do have a connection. Any way to disable the network check on startup?

  • Marlin Perez

    Me dice token no encontrado mi versión de android es 4.4 huawey prima 4g

  • Robert G

    Token not found on Nougat LG v20

  • Chomon

    How to creat account market helper please say….

  • Chomon

    how to create market helper user account

  • damiel

    Great App! To make it useful for me, I need to be able to choose a large screen tablet like Pixel C vor Galaxy Tab S2 9.7. Could you please add such a device? Thanks a lot!

  • Kaptain Amusing

    Tried installing Nougat on a Samsung S4 and tried out this app. Just keeps saying “Error: No connection to the internet is currently available. Please connect to a Wi-Fi or Cellular data network and try again.” I have a wi-fi connection up and running and I’m able to browse fine. Is there a way to bypass this internet check?

    • Nick F

      I get the same error, tryied an older version and i don’t get the error but it crashes when i run the activate.

  • czenon1

    I have a Dragon touch tablet under Android 4.4 KitKat but ive the problèmes of tokens no round ,
    Thanks you .

  • Agam Kumar

    Cannot send device config
    this error comes on my screen whenever I press activate

  • Andrew Shaw

    CM14.1 on Xiaomi Mi Max… Token not found issue.

  • Vivek Rishi

    Can you PLEASE add NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV to the list.

  • TheLawMaster

    Please fix this *there is no internet connection please connect* fix that im on lg g3

    • Alexey Svintsov


      • Jay Valente


    • Yoav Karpeles


  • Frank

    Could you please add some more countries like Malaysia and Kenya where Facebook Messenger Lite and Facebook Lite are available? Thanks so much for that.

  • KumQuat

    It’s not working for me. I get all the way to the activation stage, and it shows the phone as spoofed. Even the device manager page on Google shows it as a new device. However, Google store still sees the phone as an incompatible device (I am spoofing one I know to be compatible). When I reopen the Market Helper, it shows my original phone again. There was no reboot, yet the spoofed data is not “sticking”. Any suggestions?

  • khairul Jamaluddin

    I got the error “Token not found”.
    My phone device was Samsung Galaxy GT-S5360, and working on Gingerbread v2.3.4.

  • BL00DY SW3P

    I got the error token not found . Phone: LG Nexus 5x , Android 7.1.1

  • Silja Nielsen

    This app seems like a great idea, thanks for making. Unfortunately it did not work for me. Got the “token not found” error on my FP1U running android 4.2.2.

  • Kommentator

    Could you add some newer devices to the list? I’ve got the problem, None of the devices of the list will allow me to install the app I want. This seems to be because google thinks the hardware is to weak. but actually it isn’t. My TV Box is just a very obscure device… But with those phones Tablets and TVs you got, I still can’t download it.

  • Edward Lizarraga

    Error can’t send config

  • Matthew Leiter

    Getting Token not found, Nexus 4 LineageOS 14.1

  • Gonik

    Getting error”
    “No connection to the internet is currently available.”

    I AM connected to internet. Tried via Wifi and Mobile Data.

  • Papacrazyfoot

    Hi I tried using version 2.0.4 but it stated that “No connection to the internet is currently available.”. No getting around it. So I found 2.0.0 and was able to get in the app but when I try to activate a phone it states “token not found”. Tried most of the configurations available and got the same result. Using Huawei Nexus 6P with android 7.1.1.

  • Lydia Martin

    Hi, I’m currently using a HTC Desire 610 and version 2.0.4 but its come up with the error “No connection to the internet is currently available.” It is connected to Wifi though.

  • Darling Sony

    I’m using motoe2 i installed 2.0.4 version but while i open that app i shows me error connect to internet. Already my data connection is on even i tried by connecting wifi too same error

  • Al Tisco

    me too, No connection to the internet is currently available. Seems to be a server problem, previous version 2.0.3 give me the same error.
    Please fix it!

  • Using Memu Emulator when I open Market Helper 2.0.4 I get the following error message:
    “No connection to the Internet is currently available. Please connect to a Wi-Fi or cellular data network and try again.”

  • heay

    Hey I am using LG D690 and I am connected to wifi but the app asks me to connect to an internet source. I tried using mobile data too but that didn’t work as well. Please help…

  • Hazey_

    Samsunv galaxy s6. I cant choose account.

    • davey de rooij

      I had that problemen to i fixed it by giving it some permissions in the app details


    Eu estou com o erro do token.

    Motorola: Moto E
    Android 7.1


    I have the token problem what I do
    Motorola Moto E
    Android 7.1

  • davey de rooij

    I’m too having the token problem, I’m using a Galaxy note 2 N7100 running Cyanogenmod 14.1 (android 7.1.1)

  • PatrickStaarink

    I have the token issue.
    Can you help me fix this issue?
    I have a Samsung S7 Edge (SM-935F) with android 7.0.
    I want to spoof my phone to an Experia device for the PS4 Remote Play app.

  • ArA

    I have no Internet connection issue on my Samsung tab S8.4 (sm-t700) running rooted andtoid 5.0.2. Please tell me how I can fix this problem

  • ratan

    connectio not found error please help and an older version doesn’t work on my wiko sunset 4.4.2

  • Yoali Verdu

    version 2.3.6 tablet p1010 2.0 beta token no encontrado
    y version 2.0.3 y 2.0.4 error de conexion a internet

  • Pablo Boudet Nieto

    I do the process and it tells me that it has been changed but when I go to Device Manager it does not appear that I have changed it and doesn’t let me download the unsupported applications

    • Luka Jovičić

      Exact thing happen to me

  • Daniel Gomez

    Token not found in LineageOS Android 7.1.1 OnePlusOne

    • Francesco Beltrami

      Me too

  • Erik Rodriguez

    Token not found in HTC 710c android 5.0.2

  • Luka Jovičić

    I have sony xperia e3 and my device does not change pls help

  • Shohidul islam

    It’s not working. no any option to change model.

  • Kai Tracid

    Hello. APK Downloader extension not working. Please fix./

  • Alaa

    I got the error “Token not found” on Nvidia Shield TV PRO 2017 android 7

  • Lucas Rocha

    Mto bom

  • Maddy rocks

    i got error “token not found” on my both devices moto g4 plus with ressurction remix rom and xperia e3 dual with stock os help me please

  • Lucas Telles

    Nao funcionou no meu , simplesmente nao mudou nada

  • Theblakester99

    Token not found Android 7.1.2 Nexus 5x with a google pixel rom

  • Linus Rott

    Token not found Android 7.1 on Nexus 7 with custom Rom resurrection Remix.

    • Srikar

      Token not found on lineage os 7.1moto X-Play

  • Алексей Редькин

    Token not found. Android 4.2.2, Alcatel OT 7041D

  • ThePro Gamer

    It crash in magical stuff.

  • Adam

    It says no internet connection available. I clearly have an internet connection otherwise i wouldnt be able to write this comment…
    Help me please

  • Paulo Félix

    It says no Internet connection… :c help please :/

  • Lani Dwi

    Cool… I love aplication is

  • Marko Coming

    “Cannot send device config”
    Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro
    Lollipop 5.1.1

  • Torsten Hänsel

    Token not found on lg h850 with Android 7.0

  • dj killer games

    Help me error no connection to the internet is curry available please connection wife or cellular data network and try again . mediacom g551

  • Asaf Nagar

    app giving me message of not being on cell/wifi network?

  • Srikar

    Token not found on lineage os 7.1 Moto X-Play

  • Alex Soguilon

    It doesn’t change my device.

  • Cmantra Mantra

    I get an error. User account not found. What have I done wrong?

    • Omik Notgnirrac

      same error

      • Walid Tub

        if you have lollipop or higher just check the apps permissions

  • Walid Tub

    token not found
    Moto G 2nd.(2014)/ Titan
    lineageos 14.1/Android 7.1.2

  • Владимир Андриянов

    I got the error “Token not found”
    Android 7.1.2 LineageOS
    Device: ZUK Z2

  • Roman P

    I got the error “Token not found” Android 4.4.4 CyanogenMod Pacman Nokia XL Dual Sim

  • Peka

    “Token not found” error on Samsung galaxy tab 3 10.1 (gt-p5210) running unofficial lineage os android 7.1

  • arnav panigrahi

    Token not found
    Moto e Otis lineage is 14.1

  • Token not found. I’m using a OnePlus one A0001, Android Version 7.1.1, based on CynaogenMOD 14.1-20161225-NIGHTLY-bacon

  • Vinay Kumar


  • Alex Fong

    Token not found, ASUS Zenfone 3 552KL Android Version 7.0 (ASUS_Z012D)

  • Dictor “derder1167” Clef

    Token mot found, LG g3 d852 with crdroid 7.1 ROM

  • dea-TH B

    Token not found
    LG E988
    Android 4.1.2

  • Jimae 지매

    Hey dev, My device still not changed into new device. Everything was working fine, it’s just the last step where we have to wait until the device changed. But it still not changing after 10 mins. Any solution on this?

    My device is Asus Zenfone 6 a600cg. Android version 5.0 Lollipop.

  • Angel Ase Guardian

    Stil not changed
    My Device
    android 4.4.2
    ty in advanced!

  • Token9501

    Token not found
    Lenovo A7000-a
    Android 7.1.2 (LineageOS 14.1)

  • Brocklite

    Token not found

    Oukitel K6000 Pro
    Android 7.0 Marshmallow (Rooted)

  • Trent Neel

    “Token Not Found” Nexus 6 / Pure Nexus NJH47B 7.1.2 / Magisk 13.3 / Changes my device to a Xiaomi MI6 in Device Manager enen though it fails, even if no permissions granted it changes it lol.

  • P Mahapatra

    It is showing token not found,
    Is there any fix for that..?

  • Petarda

    LG G Pad 8.3 (LG V500) running some rom with 7.1.1. Installed the app and it says that I have no internet, 3g or wifi, but I am. :S

  • Tudor Raneti

    error no internet connection found (wifi internet connection available)

  • ban

    Token not found xiaomi 6 android 7.1.1

  • Hardes Laura

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  • Mario

    Tried but it is asking to connect to internet. I’m connected . tried both WiFi and cable but error persist. Any help will be appreciated

    • Paul Bickwermert

      Same problem here, it can not see any available internet even though both are available. Zte zmax pro z981 android 6.0.1

      • Paul Bickwermert

        Does the developer read the comments or is posting here fruitless?

    • Paul Bickwermert

      Oh, and on my other android device running 4.4.4 KitKat, it will not even download

  • Artur Mkrtchyan

    No connection to the internet is currently available. Please connect to a Wi-Fi or cellurar data network and try again.
    But Wi-Fi is working

  • Savio Vinicius

    Token not found android 4.2.2

  • I hope you add support to non-rooted devices soon (Asus phones)

  • Ольга Малинская

    It seems like didn’t work on meizu m5.

    Steps i follow:
    1. Change phone name
    2. Click “Activate”
    3. Visit “Device Manager”

    I waiting something about 10 minutes but device didn’t change and in application “Active” button didn’t toogle to “Restore”.

    Meizu m5, android 6.0, flyme 6, device is rooted.
    Also i logged to three google account, maybe thats is problem.

  • Ramon Adolfo Vazquez Dueñas

    Thanks for the app
    I did want to change to looks appear like a Samsung to install “write on pdf” app
    I got the error “Token not found”
    I have a xiaomi mi max 2 (oxygen)
    MIUI 9 android 7.1.1

  • Timo

    Hi, I’m using a rooted Galaxy S4 running LineageOS, Android 7.1.2 and I’m getting the ‘token not found error’.

  • asgunassekaran

    Read the comments. Everyone is reporting issues. Not sure if this app is doing something else on your device. Do not risk.

    It didn’t work for me too. I logged in to Device manager. Still not working.

  • Ju

    device: moto g3 osprey
    Android version: 7.1.2
    error: token not found.

  • mezhr2008 mezhr


  • Katarzyna Grochowska

    LG-P710 token not found

  • Joel

    samsung galaxy tab 3v.

  • Tyron Davis

    Error Can’t find my device. mxq pro (txbox)

  • Carlos Rg

    Error token not found android 7.1.2 update of android 7.1.2 please

  • Mohammed Osama Mohammed

    Android 2.3.6


    market helper 2.0.4

    No connection to the internet is currently available . please connect to a Wi-Fi or cellular data network and try again

    market helper 2.0

    This device is not ROOTED. I Will add support to unrooted devices in later versions.

  • muhammad faraz khalid

    Although my device is properly rooted and all other apps that work only on rooted devices are working properly still I am getting this error when I open up the Market Helper:
    No connection to the internet. Please connect to a Wi-Fi or Cellular Data Network and try again.
    Please help me out.

  • Anonymous Error

    Hey the app wont even open on my phone. I have a samsung galaxy s8 plus running nougat 7.1. It says i dont have a cellular or wifi connection when i open the app then the app crashes instantly

  • Anonymous Error

    Looks like this doesnt work for anyone. This could maybe be a virus or steal information DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANYONE

  • danish

    Not working anymore the end 🙂

  • R4mezG4merYT

    Hey can you fix the connection error I have internet connection but it doesn’t detect it and can you insert more phones into the app like the galaxy S8/S8+ or Huawei P10
    Or any new smartphone
    Oh btw my phone is Samsung galaxy s7 edge

  • Samadhan B. Payke SP

    Hey, developer. Please fix the error of connection that everyone facing.I hope you will solve this problem as soon as possible. Thank you. We are waiting for solution.

  • Mohammed Osama Mohammed

    Android 2.3.6


    market helper 2.0.4

    This device is not ROOTED. I Will add support to unrooted devices in later versions.

    Error token not found android 2.3.6

    • Belinda Roberts

      Have you added support for unrooted device yet ????

  • Сергей Соловьев

    XПомогите!Nfs no limit не обновляется до последней версии тел HTC M9 Плей маркет пишет не поддерживается на вашем устройстве!Сейчас предпоследняя версия установлена как решить проблему???

  • Osiris Skaia

    I would like to spoof a Yotaphone 2 i own in order to backup some Yota apps (specificaly Yotasports) as it’s not available since last update, but i can’t find where to find the correct device informations if there anything i can do about that please ?

  • 黑猫

    Phone:Redmi note3(kenzo)
    Rom:Nitrogen OS Beta based on Android 8.1
    Always show “Token no found.”

  • s mögger

    Bei mir funktioniert es nur bei HTC One, aber habe auch da das Problem ein Spiel zu installieren?

  • Petr Pišta

    Token not found help me

  • Blokky Blok

    When trying to download this on my Android Lenovo tablet, the message came up with “Cancel” and “Install” but only “Cancel” was clickable and “Install” was frozen. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Could somebody please help me?
    P.S. I also don’t know what rooted means

  • Нет возможности выбрать Аккаунт. Аппарат j510fn

  • Eleson Tan84

    Token not found error on my redmi note 5a, Android version 7.1.2

  • Braxxen

    Token not found – Galaxy Note 3, ROM: ResurrectionRemix 7.1.2

  • JD Ros

    Token Not Found. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X. MIUI Pro Android 7.0