[Official] APK Downloader v2 – Download APK files from Google Play Store to PC

Update on 2017/04/30: Version 2.1.10 is available. This fixes the download problem. Sorry for making you wait. Firefox version is not available though. Need time to port it to WebExtension.

Update on 2016/12/08: Version 2.1.9 is available. This fixes the download problem.

Update on 2015/12/19: Google decided to take download APK Downloader on their Chrome Webstore (after featuring it on the store for a year), so from now on you’ll have to install/update it manually. Sorry about that.

The latest version of Official APK Downloader is here. Now supports Firefox

APK Downloader is a Google Chrome extension / Firefox addon that allows you to download Android APK files from Google Play Store (Android Market) to your PC


– Easy to setup
– Download instantly APK files from Google Play server, so it’s faster ( if not fastest ) than any third-party web sites.
– Download .OBB files ( APK Expansion files ) from games.
– Support both Chrome and Firefox.


This is the official page of APK Downloader. Do not download the extension from other sources.

Use at your own risk. I’ll not take responsibility for anything happen to you or your account.

– APK Downloader for Chrome (how to install/update)

– APK Downloader for Firefox: not available, need time to port it to WebExtension. Sorry.

– Please checkout my new app: Mauf – Custom Messenger Colors

Change Facebook Messenger conversation's color to any colors you want
Change Facebook Messenger conversation’s color to any colors you want. No root needed.

After installed APK Downloader, you’ll need to follow these steps in able to use it.

I. Log in to APK Downloader

Open the Options page to login. Follow the instruction to know how to log in.

Please read the FAQs to understand why this extension need your email/password. If you don’t agree with it, please don’t leave a bad review.

If you can’t log in, please read this answer.

If you don’t have any account or don’t want to use your own, use this:

II. Start using

After logging in, you can start using APK Downloader. Open Google Play Store , view any FREE apps ( for example: Mauf – Custom Messenger Colors ), then press the Download APK button next to the Install button ( see screenshot )


  • Is is against Android Market’s ToS?
    – Maybe, maybe not. Please read Section 3.3 for more information. So again, you at your own risk.
  • Where is the Options page?
    – Chrome: Click on the Wrench icon on the toolbar, go to Tools -> Extensions. Find APK Downloader. At the end of its description, you’ll see a link to Options page.
    – Firefox: On menu, open Tools / Add-ons. Select tab Extension. Find APK Downloader, click Preferences, then click Open.
  • Why do I have to enter my email, password and device ID? Does it store or send my password to another place?
    –  The extension only stores email, device id and Google Play cookie in browser’s local storage, on your computer. To be able to get Google Play cookie, it needs your email and password to login at https://www.google.com/accounts/ClientLogin . After it’s done, password is not stored, email is stored to display on Options page, Device ID and Cookie are stored for later requests. I do not send those information to another sites.
  • I still don’t trust you. No way I will enter my password.
    – Okay. This extension is featured by Google on their Chrome Developer Tools, and this extension will be reviewed by them manually everytime a new version is uploaded (same with the Firefox version), so there’s no way I can steal your data without them knowing it.
  • I put correct email and password, but still can’t log in.
    Please try to turn on Allow less secure apps setting and try again. If it still doesn’t work, make sure you don’t have any antivirus extension enabled in your Chrome.
  • Why don’t you just put one account in the extension, so we don’t have to use our information ?
    – That’s good for users, but not for developers like us. For example, when 1000 users download same app, it only counts 1.
  • What are .OBB files? How to install them?
    – .OBB files are APK Expansion Files. To know how use it, read this guide.
    For example: if your game is Real Football 2013, download and copy .OBB files into /sdcard/Android/obb/Android/obb/com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftR3HM/
  • Again, do you collect our information?
    – I don’t want to get into trouble by collecting users information, so I try not to have it in any way. You can view the source code to make sure about this.
  • Can it download paid apps?
    – No, of course not, unless you purchased it with your logged account before. Please remember this isn’t a tool for pirating.
  • Why do you make this extension?
    – I’m an Android developer. While working on my new project, I have to decompile some apps on Google Play. Everytime I want to decompile one, I have to download it to my phone, use Astro to backup it to SDCard, connect phone to PC, then copy the apk file. That’s a really long and painful to me, because I have to do it over and over again. That’s why I come up with this idea.


  • 2.1.10: 2017/04/30
    • Fix download problem (again).
  • 2.1.9: 2016/12/08
    • Fix download problem (again).
  • 2.1.8: 2016/08/27
    • Fix download problem (again). Please log out current device and log in again.
  • 2.1.6: 2016/05/01
    • Fix download problem. Please log out current device and log in again.
  • 2.1.5: 2016/02/01
    • Remove accounts added in 2.1.4. For some unknown reasons they stopped working after a few days. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    • Minor bug fixes.
  • 2.1.4: 2016/01/04
    • Happy New Year!
    • Add 4 devices so you can use APK Downloader right away.
  • 2.1.2: 2015/11/11
    • Fix: obb files were saved in wrong location.
    • Fix: download problem in Firefox version. If it cannot save files in apk-downloader subfolder, it will save those files in the Downloads folder instead.
  • 2.1.1: 2015/11/07
    • This version changes a lot in the background, so if something is broken, please report to me instead of giving bad review. Thanks.
    • Fix: cannot download obb files (Google changed the API few days ago caused this problem)
    • Fix: sometimes cannot download apps where you should be able to.
  • 2.1.0: 2015/10/22
    • New design for Options page + Login page.
    • Add Marshmallow 6.0 into Android versions list.
    • Fix sometimes can’t save settings.
  • 2.0.12: 2015/08/31
    • Add: display a message when trying to download paid apps.
    • Add: “Download APK” button states.
    • Minor bug fixes.
  • 2.0.11: 2015/06/30
    • Fix: the “Download APK” button displays multiple times.
    • Firefox: fix download problems.
  • 2.0.10: 2015/05/29
    • Fix login error (“Authentication token not available, cannot login”).
  • 2.0.9: 2015/05/18
    • Firefox only: fixed blank options page when using private browsing.
  • 2.0.8: 2015/05/12
    • Save downloaded files into “apk-downloader” subfolder.
    • Update guides and tooltips.
    • Minor bug fixes.
  • 2.0.7: 2015/04/21
    • Add login page and instruction to log in correctly.
    • Bug fixes.
  • 2.0.6: 2015/03/31
    • Add guide to enable “Access for less secure apps”
    • Bug fixes
  • 2.0.5: 2015/02/28
    • Add ability to change device version and device codename (to download incompatible apps)
    • Update options page
    • Various bug fixes
    • The Firefox version is back
  • 2.0.4: 2014/08/22
    • Add a guide for users using 2-step verification
  • 2.0.3: 2014/08/11
    • Support download .OBB files ( APK Expansion files ) . Now you can download games with its data files ( like Real Football 2013 ) . Read the FAQs to know how to use them.
  • 2.0.2: 2014/08/10 ( Chrome only )
    • Fix error “Failed – Server problem”
  • 2.0.1: 2014/08/08
    • Fix error “Cannot download this app” in some apps
  • 2.o: 2014/08/07
    • Faster and use less memory
    • Support Firefox


How to install manually on Google Chrome

  1. Download and extract APK Downloader into a folder.
  2. Open extensions page
  3. Check “Developer mode” option
  4. Click on the “Load unpacked extension…” button
  5. Select the APK Downloader’s extracted folder.
  6. Done

How to update manually on Google Chrome

  1. Download and extract the new version over the old version.
  2.  Open extensions page
  3. Find APK Downloader, then click “Reload”
  4. Done



I wanna say thanks to @alexandre_t for his Android Market APIStephan Schmitz and Peter Wu for making the updated version

You can contact me at: redphoenix89 [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

Greetings from Vietnam 🙂

  • Robert

    should Version 1.4.3 still work? I usd it last time in June with chrome 22, no i get an error “cannot download this app”

    • This problem has been fixed in version 2.0.1 . Please update and try again.

  • Robert

    I thought, my version 1.4.3 is not running anymore,

    but i found out, now i cannot download apps which require a newer Android than this one associated with my old phone.

    I use the google account of the old phone for APK downloader.

    I think this is news – earlier APK downloader could download every
    free APP independent of the Android version of the associated phone.!

  • press88

    I can’t download apk from app i have purchased. why?

    • Because some people will use it to abuse the refund system, so I have to disable it.

      • John Z

        So if we have paid for an app and are well beyond the 15 minute refund window, are we still blocked from being able to download the apk even if we are far from refund eligible?

        • notyoursavior78

          That’s a good question. What bugs me since it is using my credentials for a game I paid for I should be able to download it. I don’t want a refund, I want to play my game! I don’t have wi fi at home and I wasted hours trying to use the work wi fi and it cuts off shortly after 50% and sometimes before!!! The only option I can think of is using a friend’s wi fi and I expect the same thing. It’s great, I paid $15 for a game I can’t even download lol

          It’s so pathetic that I spent a couple hours at home too on my computer trying to get the game I paid for. Ugh.

    • hi press88, you can find and download apk file from http://www.apkbaru.net , free for all

  • 暗号


    • 暗号


      • are you sure your information is correct?

        • xiaomingmak

          Hi,I have the same problem.My sim card is from china,in some reasons,I have to visit google play via a vpn.I can login successfully.but just occur the same problem.

        • jackie Smith

          the same problem. i’m sure that i filled the correct pass and id .but i still cant download apk.

  • Ebric

    Hi, i can download APK properly as your sample “ThemeX”.

    But for some japanese game goes wrong like below:


    • currently it’s not possible to download apps that not compatible with your device or not available in your region. I’m finding a way to fix it.

  • Guest

    Hi. I see the Chrome extension was updated to 2.0.2. Did the Firefox add-on get updated to 2.0.2? It still shows as 2.0.1. Thanks.

    • Hi there. The Firefox version is still 2.0.1
      Version 2.0.2 is for Chrome only. Fixed the changelogs
      Sorry for the confusion.

  • Orin

    Im trying to use this to download apk files so I can transfur them to my kindle hdx wifi. So i don’t have a device ID for a kindle, how can i get around this?

    • I’ll write a guide about this soon

    • can you contact me through my email ( it’s available above ). I need someone to test it first. Thanks

  • Rubens

    Hi, the extension installed successfully on Firefox 26.0 but when clicking the “Open” button to access the Options page it says the URL is not valid (resource://jid1-6mgm94jnyy2vka-at-jetpack/apk_downloader/data/resource://jid1-6mgm94jnyy2vka-at-jetpack/apk_downloader/data/options.html). Can you help ?

    • The correct url should be: resource://jid1-6mgm94jnyy2vka-at-jetpack/apk_downloader/data/options.html
      But I recommend you to update your firefox to the latest version

  • Luna

    I just installed the downloader on firefox (v31.0)

    And I have the Device ID on my tablet, which gave me the same info when I dialed *#*#8255#*#*, but I keep getting a pop-up saying “ERROR: authentication failed. Incorrect username or password.”

    • Do you have 2-step verification on your gmail account?

      • Luna

        Oh! I didn’t know I had to do that.. got it working after doing that and creating an App pass.
        Using this on Firefox and it shows the “Download APK” button in the play store.

        Thank you, redphx! 🙂

      • I don’t have any 2-step verification on mine. How can I survive this?!

  • Eli Nyhs

    “this isn’t a tool for pirating”
    “I have to decompile some apps on Google Play”
    Seems legit.

    • If I decompile an app doesn’t mean I’m going to pirate it. Know the difference.

  • Elvis Bolic

    Im getting wrong password or username, but im 100% sure I typed in the correct pw and user. Help please ?

    • jackie Smith

      me too.i confused

  • I don’t own an Android. I only use the Android Emulator. Can I still use this add-on?

    • Alexey Maskalyanov

      Yes. You can use this add-on to download APK & OBB files on your
      computer than you have to pass downloaded files to emulator.

      • What about ‘device ID’? Does the Emulator even have a device ID?

        • Gauri Spears

          Yes, it does. It’s a small pain in ass to install Google Play on emulator, but it’s possible. And you’ll get new device ID.

  • Gauri Spears

    It looks like firefox link is dead. Could you give any mirror?

    • Gauri Spears

      Here it is (mirror of Firefox version):
      rusfolder[]com /42217790
      rghost[]ru /58963253

      • arshad

        is this the link?

        • Gauri Spears

          Yes, it is. Normal links are not supported here. Just remove space before “/” and replace “[]” with “.”

      • Bornuk

        thanks for this

  • Evan Rofheart

    I have a Fire Phone and I can not find the android id. Amazon insists there is not an android – just a serial number that is 16 hex but ends in “X” – they say the is the device id. What to do?

  • Evan Rofheart

    So using 1Mobile Market, I installed your Device ID and it said – No Device ID – so I guess I will just use 1Mobile Market, which seems to work very well so far.

  • Deborah Cheng

    Seems like you can only download apk of apps from your own country. Anyway to download apk of apps from different country? Specifically Japan?

    • eagleeyez

      use vpn

      • Haruhi Campana

        How can you do that? I don’t know how to use a vpn, can you help?

  • will leite

    Não consigo baixar essa bagaça caralho! Aff

  • Gautham Venkatesh

    most of the gameloft games can’t be downloaded…..please fix it

  • Shadow666

    Where can i get the FF plugin at?

  • ahsen


    i am using chrome extension but getting “Authentication Failed” error message after updating to the latest version. Although provided details are 100% correct and i am not using 2-step verification method.

    Please help me to make it work again.

  • Firefox plugin: not found

  • prince umar

    it doesnt let u download full version of large apps

  • Andrew Kender

    I’m getting “ERROR: authentication failed. Invalid username or password.” I entered everything correctly.

    • Andrew Kender

      OK, I got an email from Google that said I could enable access to less secure apps, which I did. Refreshed the Gmail store page, and clicked “Download APK.” Finally got logged in, but now it’s saying “Cannot download. Please make sure your email and device ID are correct.” Both are entered correctly.

      • Portgas D. Ace

        From my experience you must be logged into Google and the APK Downloader. Being only logged into the APK Downloader gave me the same “Cannot Download” message than you did get.

        • Andrew Kender

          But I’m logged into Google… I’m looking at Gmail and the Play Store right now….

          • Portgas D. Ace

            That was the Issue I had. Must not mean that you have the same issue than I 🙂

      • MadJo

        Use the Google Service Framework ID, not the Android ID.

        • Andrew Kender

          I will try that, thanks!

        • Andrew Kender

          That worked, thanks for the clarification!

        • Cristian Cuéllar

          Hi MadJo, were can I find that Service Framework ID?

          • MadJo

            Download the app Device ID from the Play store by Evozi. That app will tell you your Google Service Framework ID. Use that ID for this apk downloader.

  • Andrew Kender

    I have a question/request, something I didn’t see here. Would it be possible to add support for multiple devices? I have a tablet, a Shield Portable, and a phone, and even APKs installed by the Play Store on each can differ because of the hardware used. My tablet is an ASUS MeMo Pad 7 with an x86 processor, which some games do not work on. Just a thought.

  • Adil

    not working
    invalid user/pass error…

    • notyoursavior78

      enable access to less secure apps on Chrome then it should work. I had that problem at first, but I still can’t download what I wanted to download anyways :/

  • matthiaswille

    Not working. On my OnePlus One (Cyanogen Android) the *#*#8255#*#* is not able to connect to the server. I do not get any information.

    Having said this, the device ID shouldn’t that be the IMEI listed under Settings/Status/ ?

    If yes, mine is a 15 digit number, not a 16 digit one. However, the dialog requires a 16 digit number.

    If the IMEI is not the device ID, is there any other way to get it?

    • arshad

      look play store for ‘device id finder’

  • Hashimtopaz


    i have seen your extension on chrome webstore.Your extension looks great so I’d like to discuss an opportunity with you. we also buy or get extension on lease..
    Are you available to chat sometime this week?

    Hashim Mansoor
    Senior Manager of Developer Relations
    skype: Addonjet

  • arshad

    firefox extension does not exist. how could download apk’s using firefox?

    • Gauri Spears

      Just read previous comments. I gave mirror links.

      • arshad

        apk downloader for firefox does not exist, where you give the link? cant find. sorry. can you check it again and let us know? please? can you put link here?

        • Gauri Spears

          rusfolder[]com /42217790
          rghost[]ru /58963253

          • OSAKA

            Mr…Is it legal?

    • it’s back now. Sorry about that

  • Bornuk

    my paid apps are not supported?

    • krzychos7

      I also can’t download my Paid apps.

  • Lululaptitlu

    Save so much time ! Thank you !

  • Prasad Gosavi

    Im getting wrong password or username, but im 100% sure I typed in the correct pw and user. Help please ?

  • Sideswipe

    I’m getting a Message saying ‘Cannot Download!’ and it’s telling me to check the ANDROID ID and -MAIL. I have done that several times Please Fix?

  • Catman51

    File for firefox not found?

  • Sentsuizan

    I’m unable to download certain things even though I can get others. An example is Injustice.

  • M C

    Installed earlier today, trying to get usagi fone and its related aps from anifone on the playstore but it gives a message about unable to download

  • Glyn Royds

    The page at https://play……. says:

    Cannot download this app.

    (Angry Birds Transformers – free app – is compatible with the registered device (HTC one M8))

    • please try again with version 2.0.5


  • JA

    I used to use the older versions of this to download JP apps, but the current version doesn’t let me anymore.
    Was that intentional?

  • Albert Ata

    Why can’t download this app, but compatible with my smartphone Redmi 1S …?

    • please try again with version 2.0.5

      • Nghe Lam

        anh ơi, khi e download game nó thông báo “Login session has expired …”. Em đã thử thoát ra và đăng nhập lại nó vẫn báo như thế ạ.!

  • sic

    Holy sheez this man gets all your Gmail passwords.. Hola!!

  • I tried downloading an “incompatible” app for one of my device using 2.0.5, and although there’s an option to change the device codename in the settings to match a device that could technically run the app, I’m still unable to download the APK.

  • Ankit Shah

    I’m having nexus 7 2013 16 GB wifi and tried downloading whatsapp but it said can’t download the app try changing device in config page. I changed to device to nexus 5,4 but still failed. Also your market helper app is not working. please help. And I am using 2.0.5

  • Gavin Griffiths

    Hey, I had a problem connecting to this. I don’t have two step authentication but it kept telling me the username and password was incorrect or sometimes asking me to enter a device codename. I then found an option under my google account settings which says “Access for less secure apps”. I set this to enabled “disabled by default” and it then went straight in. I hope this helps anyone getting authentication issues.

    • Awesome ! My world becomes more beautiful because of you! hahaha~!

    • i have the same problem. please fix

    • Michael Griffith

      Worked for me. Thanks. Reposting above.

  • Mike_At_Large

    Latest Firefox 36.0.1 (clean fresh install) the “Options” dialog for the add-on is just an empty box. There is no way to enter email, password, and device ID. The add-on is unusable on the current version of Firefox and I hate Chrome (it’s basically malware). 🙁

    • Cona Aberta

      same problem here, dont know if it is permissions problem, i think it is…
      but dont know how can i give that permissions, or what kind of permissions i need…

  • عبد الله علي

    when i download any app from firefox its download more than 1 gb for one app ????!!!

  • rishabh batra

    when i do it it wants specific password

  • Lauren Epstein

    I’m REALLY new at this…. What exactly do I do AFTER I download the apk? What do I open it with???

  • Michael Griffith

    I entered all of the info, e-mail, password and device ID and i get an error message saying my e-mail and password are incorrect.

    • Michael Griffith

      I then found an option under my google account settings which says “Access for less secure apps”. I set this to enabled “disabled by default” and it then went straight in. I hope this helps anyone getting authentication issues.

      Above copied from Gavin Griffiths posted below. This worked for me. Thx Gavin!

  • jasmin embate

    how to download this apps.?

    • Hulking Ye

      If you use google chrome or firefox you can install it. The download links are on the page below the big word “Install:”.

  • Hulking Ye

    It says “Not found. Install Google Play Service and try again.”. I installed google services framework, google play service and google account manage app and it still reports so. My cellphone is XiaoMi RedMi 2A bought in China. Anyone know how to solve this?

    • Claudia

      I’m experiencing the exact same error message. The target device is an Amazon Fire TV stick. I’m new to Android. @hulkingye:disqus Were you successful yet? Anyone else maybe?

  • Cona Aberta

    can’t add to chrome

  • Soumyajyoti Middya

    in the page of device android version and codename after giving the info when I click on the save settings button nothing happens,I still can’t download apks

  • Andy Lau

    I cannot choose the region…want to download app from japan play store but it won’t allow me. It worked before. Please advice

  • Joe cejko

    When I click on the save settings button nothing happens, then,
    If I’m trying to click on Download APK I get:

    Cannot download this app.
    Login session has expired or your email and device ID are correct.
    Please try to log out and log in again.

    I used all the details on this topic, but nothing. I’m using FireFox 37.0.2

  • Влатко Стојанов

    It works, nice job

  • Grez

    Doesn’t work with Star Wars Knights of the Republic even though I’ve bought the app

  • anitahidden

    Where can I see the source code?

  • ok

  • riyadh razzaq

    I’ve configured it correctly on Firefox but every time download fails. Download starts but fails.
    Help please !

  • Peter Hagström

    I get the same error as the person below, i am running waterfox shouldn’t matter but what i realized is:

    When the download fails if i go to the download page and right click on the failed download and select copy url and if i paste it in the address field then i can download the file but the name will be just “Download” so i need to change the name and extention on it to get it.

    Please if possible have a look at it i love this, makes it so easy to download the apps and install them offline in my car 🙂

  • I.W.Efendi

    unable to download any apps, it said “Login session has expired or your email and device ID are incorrect/not activated on Google Play app.” But actually I had activated my correct email & device ID and having no trouble when downloading using my android phone on play store. Any solution about it?

    • 张亮

      I got the same problem,waiting for solution. 🙁

    • Arsany Osama

      same here 🙁

  • yazutorutu

    doesn’t work. the same error as person below. where is the source code?

  • Cruco

    can’t activate my device for google play, so cant download
    [email protected]
    DEVICE ID:F451445285F6203C

    please help me to activate. thanks

  • Edwin Kelly

    I’m gettin error “Authentication token not available, cannot login”, what does that mean?

    • Đức Trung Lâm


    • Version 2.0.10 will be available in a few hours will fix this problem.

  • Stan Winchester

    I am unable to log into your APK Downloader. I use 2-step verification, so I generated an App password. When I try to login I get the following error:

    “ERROR: Authentication token not available, cannot login.”

    I tried to login using both:
    Google Chrome Stable Version 43.0.2357.81 (64-bit)
    Firefox 38.0 for Linux Mint – 1.0
    OS: Linux Mint 17.1

    Thanks, Stan

    • Version 2.0.10 will be available in a few hours will fix this problem. Sorry about that.

  • mehran

    Could not download APK file

  • Abhishek Sinha

    Just completed a clean reinstall of the APK Downloader 2.0.10 … it logs in but does not begin the download of the apk

    the button also does not appear directly, page needs to be refreshed twice before it displays the button to start the download and even then it fails to download.Pls check again.. needs fixing. Using the latest FF release 38.0.1

  • I installed APK Downloader 2.0.10 on FF 38.0.1 and I logged in APK Downloader successfully.

    I went to Play Store and tried to download APK files but always shows download failed.

    On same cumputer, I also use APK downloader on Chrome and it works well. Please let me know how to resolve the problem on FF, Thank a lots.

    • Kevin

      Same here. So frustrating. Was moving to Firefox because my beloved Chrome just takes up too many resources…I may have to deal with it if I can’t get this to work and download APKs like Chrome does.

  • Jon Doe

    I have the same issues with Firefox failing immediately, but I found a workaround. After it fails, open the downloads window and right click the download and copy the download link. Paste it in the URL bar and it will prompt for a download of a generic file type. Once it downloads just rename the file to the app name and add the .apk or .obb extension. Hopefully this sheds some light on the issue.


  • mewarmo990

    Still getting “ERROR: Authentication token not available, cannot login.” in version 2.0.10, Chrome.

  • brahyan diaz


  • Ba Tatinha

    Why you removed some features, such as download apps which isn’t available in my country? Your extension was the only one remaining form to download my beloved Japanese and Korean games in my country… 🙁

  • jon

    can u add a feature which is able to download through idm?

  • Guenter Wein

    But there is no button “download APK”
    login in Add On was correct…

  • curios0101

    it didn’t progress after this page,
    how i do solve this problem?

  • curios0101

    did anyone help progress this page?
    i pushed save settings but it doesn’t progress.

  • i think it’s didn’t work on mozilla 39.0

  • Justin

    Same issue as curios0101… getting the following message when trying to download an apk from google play

  • Digiticez

    doesn’t work, no Download button shown

  • Digiticez

    download always failed. have to copy download link then paste it to start download. Need to rename after download is finish.

  • JV

    how to use mobile apps on desktop after installing “Download APK” files.
    Nothing happening after entering the required details at Options Page.

  • Stu Trout

    If i have paid for an app and need to get the APK how come its not giving me the option to download?

  • Daric Rowley

    I get “Server sent an Invalid Response. HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden” after I follow the instructions and attempt download.

  • Sławomir Sobaniec

    Extension does not work properly in Firefox. I have the same settings as in Chrome The manager downloads with the message “failed”. I confirm the action: as i in post from Digiticez.

  • Once upon a time I can download incompatible apps with this extension. Now I can’t. 🙁

  • Faiyad Orko

    Its not working . error Cannot download this app.
    Login session has expired or your email and device ID are incorrect/not activated on Google Play app.

    • Eshan Gray

      Getting the same problem. Not sure what is causing it.

  • Aki

    Always, download “failed” giving an empty file. But, if you “Copy Download Link” from the failed download and paste it in the “Address Bar”, then it’ll download the APK file without the proper name and extension. After downloading need to rename with .apk to use the file.

    The problem was there with ver. 2.0.11, and not solved with ver. 2.0.12. I’m using Firefox 39, but this problem began about two or three versions ago.

  • Dzmitry

    2.0.12 works on Firefox 38.2.1esr for Linux but doesn’t work on Firefox 38.2.1esr for Windows.

    • I think that’s because the addon cannot create the “apk-downloader” folder

      • Dzmitry

        No, addon creates the “apk-downloader” folder. Download failed.

  • Pallavi Devgan

    I followed the steps but get this error [Cannot download this app.
    Login session has expired or your email and device ID are incorrect/not activated on Google Play app] while downloading. Please help.

    • Hi.
      I got the same error message as you did for both Firefox and Chrome (“Cannot download this app. Login session has expired or your email and device ID are incorrect/not activated on Google Play app.”).
      I had two e-mail addresses associated with Playstore on my phone that time. I removed one of the e-mail addresses on my phone, reinstalled Playstore (or cleared data), then the extension started working fine on Chrome and Firefox again (although the download still fails in Firefox).
      I dunno if the same thing will happen for you. I just hope this helps.

  • Taylor Kat (Kathy)

    Please, help me! I wrote everything in the options and it cannot save!

  • Maryum

    I was able to download the apk downloader, except, when I got my whole device id on my phone, and entered the info on my chrome, I got to the page where I entered my info in, and pressed the Save Settings button, but it would stay on the same page and not do anything. When I try to download my app from the Google Play Store, and I followed all the right directions, when it asked me to login to my apk account/device id thing, I entered my info in and when I clicked login, it would just say “ERROR: Authentication token not available, cannot login.” What do I do? I did do everything right. I even turned on the “Allow less secure apps” feature and I turned off the antivirus thing as well

  • Cake-san

    It’s a good app.The only way that I found to download using Idm is by click “download apk” -> get failed download in firefox -> copy the download link and paste it into address bar/enter -> get the download/cancel it -> copy the download link and paste it into idm url download features = )

  • disqus_yqWACpJ1P7

    Can you add support for Opera Browser (based on chrome)

    • xieheihei


  • Azrael

    Not working on Firefox 41: the settings don’t get saved apparently so all downloads fail.

  • Diathedia

    Sadly this is useless for me… I need it to download application from another country because of the stupid restrictions.

    • Annis Beverly

      you can download at apkpure[dot]co

    • Kimberly

      Download Market Helper

  • Moji Ahadi

    whyyyyyyyy frequent changes?!؟ new update your extension can not download obb file

  • nibo1978

    I have delete it but it still open this fucking site every day. This not cool and I think now this is infected with a virus or so.

  • nibo1978

    This is only scam and google will delete it. Sorry but You have made the bill unfortunately without Google!

  • Vylet Rayne

    It’s not working. I click “Download APK” and it says downloading but it never downloads. So I refresh the page and then it says I don’t have any devices.

  • Yuliana

    Try to update your add-on/extension. Work for me 🙂
    Thanks ^_^

  • Ichi Nagamura

    If your plugin isn’t work. There are 2 parts should be check. 1.your Google account shouldn’t turn on the “2-step Verification” 2.the account you input after install this plugin have to be login on the device which your DeviceID(GSF) chosen.

  • Simon

    I’m sad that we cannot download paid apps.

    I agree with the fact that it could be used for pirating, but i downloaded APK Downloader today because i format my g3 and i saw just now that Tasker was not on the Playstore anymore.

    So i decided to download all my favourite apps, i paid it and i estimate that i have the right to use them even if Google ot the Devlopper decide to remove it from the Playstore.

    Any other solution for me ?

    Thanks for reading

    Lg G3 D855 Custom ROM Cloudy g3 2.5 Lollipop 5.0

  • Aki

    Ver. 2.1.2 works perfectly with the latest Firefox (ver. 42) on Windows 7. Thank you developer!

  • Cliff Fenelus

    how do i actually use the apps files? my windows 8.1 wont open it or is it the chrome browser?

    • Florina Liastacia

      You need to use an Android Emulator (Bluestacks is the most well-known one) or an actual Android phone. These are installation packages for installing the files onto an Android; the same way that you can’t install a .exe file onto a Mac. It’s just the wrong operating system.

  • Sadly, no longer works on Lollipop. It says it’s downloaded, but there is no download anywhere on my system. And I’ve searched the entire home area. If I press ‘install’ it does just that! Was testing it out downloading CsipSimple

    • rion

      same here. I use FF extension. I see files in download manager but not in fs.
      Android 5.1.1

      • I wonder if the author of the plugin would like to write a script that we can run on our phones to trawl through and return the information he needs? Obviously without letting Mr G, ‘The Fat Controller’, be able to snoop. BTW, my PC OS is Ubuntu 16.04 (testing version). I’m running Firefox. If a snoop at my PC is needed, I can run Windows under the ‘Wine’ compatibility layer, but if it needs to run directly on my PC rather than as a plugin, it would have to be in Python or Java or some other interpreted language.

  • Shukhrat Sobich

    Unfortunatelly, it doesN’t work any more.

  • Kalachar V M

    not at all working. getting the error message, cannot download paid apps, even though its free app.

  • Lazy Sapper

    Thanks redphx. You are a life saver.
    On chrome, I need to hit Download APK button several times to start the download. But on Firefox, it is working just fine. Please check it.

  • Happyman

    I already paid app but can’t d/l apk

  • inarius

    Does the extension work at all anymore? Can’t get it to work on Chrome nor Firefox. Neither with built-in devices or my own account.

  • James Wang

    Having clicked “Open” I get a page that says
    Device Info
    Email [email protected]
    Android/GSF ID 3FFF7627BAE873A9

    Then? Where do I enter email, password and device ID?

    Anyway, I tried clicking Download APK. I get
    Cannot download this app.
    Login session has expired or your email and device ID are incorrect/not activated on Google Play app.

    Any idea?

  • Wraith

    Works flawlessly on latest chrome canary (50.0.2635.0). Thanks!

  • 逸希

    doesn’t work on chrome ver. “48.0.2564.109 m”, Thank you very much…

  • Zaz Zéo

    Sorry, APK Downloader cannot download paid apps (even when you already bought them) on free app wtf oO

  • far_in_ha

    It’s not working neither on Firefox nor on Chrome. Whe nI click APK Download, the button changes to light green with the label ‘Downloading…’ but nothing else happens.

    • yun gui

      I met the same problem with you, have your problem been solved?

      • Artyom

        Yea i have this problem too. If you correct the problem pleace writhe me.
        Chrome: 50.0.2661.87 m

  • Pedohammad

    Cannot download this app.
    You can’t download apps that aren’t compatible with your device or not available in your country.
    Try to change your device config in the Options page.
    If you think this is a mistake, please report it to me via email. Thanks.
    What is the point of this plugin if I can’t download apps that are not meant for my device or the country where I live in?

  • Muzammil

    i nstalled apk downloader as you suggested but when i used chrome it disabled it, by giving the message that the extension is not installed from chrome webstore.
    how can i install it so that chrome dont disable it.

  • Traveller

    Shouldn’t this extension be offered as a packed .crx (Chrome) file?

  • soubeagi

    CRX isn’t working, so I downloaded Firefox extension instead. That version creates files that it labels as APKs, but they’re all HTML files internally, saying “Forbidden – Error 403”.

  • Artyom

    “It’s not working neither on Firefox nor on Chrome. When I click APK Download on the Play Store, the button changes to light green with the label ‘Downloading…’ but nothing else happens.” – IF U KNOW HOW TO FIX IT PLS WRITE HERE. Thanks!

  • Peter Norton

    I have the same problem as Artyom. Just installed Firefox 45 and found out that I can’t download APK files anymore. Please kindly provide us some support, it’s quite urgent!! Many thanks in advance!

  • jdhthegr8

    I’m also having the same issue as Peter and Artyom. Any help would be appreciated

  • AJ

    Cannot download app. maybe it is a paid apps or you did not install apps with your account on google play store before.
    please try relogin APK download and check your GSF ID/Device has been changed or not.

  • simo chri

    I’m having the same issue as Peter, Artyom and jdhthegr8. I’m trying to download the djuced app and i also tried to download kind of different apps like temple run, ecc… but when i click the button “download apk” it just say “downloading..” and nothing else happens…can someone help us? thanks

    • W5TUX

      Me too. Same Issue on Firefox. Chrome doesn’t want to install, complaining about missing manifest.

  • Eric Yenbor Chang

    firefox add-ons was still at 2.1.5 version

  • Artyom

    How can I contact the creator ?

    • Filippo Capizzi

      redphoenix89 [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

  • Mr. Ed

    Running Firefox, installed program, signed in no problem. But, where is the apk downloader icon that is supposed to be on the address bar?

    • George O

      Not how it works. Read the documentation.

  • Bogolha

    It´s working again! Thanks!


    only apk file downloading not obb file please help

  • Sergiusz Brzeziński

    Does it still working? It behaves on my Firefox exactly the same way as in version 2.1.5 – nothing happens after clicking “Downloading” button. And my version on Firefox is 2.1.7 (not 2.1.6 which is the latest!). Whats up?

  • sverker wahlin

    I’m using 2.1.7, and can’t get it to work. I just installed it brand new on my Ubuntu machine.
    At first when I log into play store, it doesn’t show the ‘download apk’ button. When I reload the page, it shows up.
    However, when I click it, it changes to ‘downloading’, but nothing else happends.
    Any idea why?

    • jamedom

      since u didn’t get any reply, I think, it’s probably another fake app which could steal our acc. be careful.

  • Luna Crescent

    Is there a way to update apps that are already on my device with this tool?

    • Bogolha

      I don’t think so!
      But if you don’t have access to Google play store you can download in Aptoide store and update those apps you already have.

  • Primat Inter Pares

    It tried the evozi APK downloader and then this add-on fpr Firefox but none of them work for me. When I click the “download apk” button, it just gets pale and processes the request endlessly. Any idea why that would be – tanks!

  • Mario Ruiz Diaz

    Im trying it and I cant find the download folder on my pc, where the downloads go?

    • GuyInDogSuit

      Wherever your browser downloads things.

  • Coil Tesla

    I cilcked the “download apk” button, but I didn’t see any window of download. Could anyone tell me what’s wrong happened? _(:з」∠)_

    • GuyInDogSuit

      Check in your downloads folder?

  • Doesn’t work. It says that maybe it’s not compatible with my device, but it’s installed on my device, so of course it’s compatible. Giving useful error messages instead of ‘maybes’ would help a lot with understanding the problem. (There must be an API error that makes more sense than this ‘maybe’.)

    • Happens on both Chrome and FF. The error message says not available for my device or in my country. But I never got the chance to set a country. (If the country is deducted by play store from my account, then again, I have the app installed on my phone.)

  • Yep, so the versioncode lookup doesn’t work and thus the download will fail.

  • Rory Doss

    I thought this would allow me to download the APK files of an app that I paid for? Is there something I am missing? I have it installed and it will let me download free games.

    • GuyInDogSuit

      Nope, this only works for free apps and games. Says so in the FAQ.

  • Mak Thái

    Can you update the feature that allow us to download from stores of other countries such as korea, japan, china?

  • GuyInDogSuit

    Why does the Chrome extension download as a ZIP file?!

  • Jentaia Stern

    Doesn’t function with GT-S5570 and Android 2.3, no matter which app I try, no matter which Android version it needs, it always says my device isn’t compatible although Google says my device IS compatible. Can’t download anything, it’s only something for rich people -.-

  • “Cannot download this app.
    You can’t download apps that aren’t compatible with your device or not available in your country.
    Try to change your device config in the Options page.
    If you think this is a mistake, please report it to me via email. Thanks.”

    Well, I don’t know what I do wrong.
    FF 46.0.1
    My device: Nexus 7-2 / Android 6.0.1 Cyanogenmod

    • For the message “not available in your country”, some apps are only offered limited regions, for example, the games developed by Japanese developers. You can download this kinds of apps’ APK through APK Downloader with VPN, but you need to know what regions they belong to.

  • Normaler_Bürger

    same for me, this Chrome extension which is a ZIP file I can’t install . we wait urgently for i fix

  • Steve (aka reble)

    On the [Official] APK Downloader v2 – Download APK files from Google Play Store to PC. How do I change the location as to were the apk file gets downloaded to my laptop?

  • Gerard

    thank you for your add on
    but I can’t download apk from today. I recieve this error “forbidden”

  • 2016/8/24, APK Downloader doesn’t work well, it always downloads 0 bit APK file, both Chrome (2.1.6) and Firefox (2.1.7).

    I did uninstallation and reinstallation, but this action didn’t work.

    Please fix it for this awesome tool, Thanks.

  • Adil Akram

    It’s downloading 0 byte APK file using FireFox and Chrome it gives error Failed – Forbidden.

    I used it 2 months ago, it was downloading APK perfectly

  • Ahsen

    Yes from yesterday it’s not working anymore…
    error : “Forbidden”
    Seems google playstore have blocked the extension.

  • Here’s hoping you manage to get it working again, or all the people sideloading popular apps will be sad

  • Draw Knob

    Where’s 2.1.8 for Firefox? You’ve only released it for Chrome, but the 0-sized downloads are also a problem with Firefox!

  • Sergey

    Installed version 2.1.8, but still, when you launch the browser page opens, which prompts you to update the extension. Correct! The Yandex Browser.

  • Ринат Рамзес

    Thank you very much. You’re a great man.

  • Nithin Gowda

    Thank You For Your Amazing Work Bro

  • Sergey

    Installed version 2.1.8, but still, when you launch the browser page opens, which prompts you to update the extension. Correct! The Yandex Browser.

  • Lucas Cerqueira

    still download problem on 2.1.8, tried on chrome and firefox :/

  • oMg ….all this and NOT 1 person can get it to work .. You advertise a product that is supposedly safe and latest and greatest app and ZIP ..ZIPPOLA ..NADA …doesn’t give a trusting message to users!

    i’ve deleted the files just in case of any malicious attributes to this file … chrome has passed on viruses thru their web store or google play extensions enough times to weary!

    hope it does get fixed and is a “as stated” a clean and working version!


  • Shukhrat

    Still can’t download (2.1.8 Chrome, Firefox)

  • strangerinthenight

    After installing the extension (2.1.8), everytime i start chrome, “disable developer mode extensions” popup appears.
    Then i just disabled the extension for only enabling when i need it. This time, when i restart chrome, the extension re-enables itself again automatically. Is this a bug or is it intentionally happening? Is there any way to keep it disabled after restarting chrome?

  • asoi 005

    can’t download

  • Kamran Ahmed Ansari

    Can I, by any chance, integrate your plugin with a local script or something?

    I want to update the apps in my phone through my PC, and would like to automate the same… I am half way through where my script successfully extracts the list of packages to be updated, if I could integrate it with your plugin, I’ll be done already.

  • Even if I uninstall and reinstall 2.1.8 extension (Chrome and Firefox both), it still doesn’t work well. Please help to fix this, thank you so much.

  • Vincent Wung

    I can download Japan Apps before, about 1 month ago with the 2.1.8, but suddenly even with the correct VPN connection, I can’t download Japan Apps. But the setting had never been changed on both my phone or y PC, can you please investigate?

  • Kai Tracid

    Hello friend. Stopped working. The error is displayed.

  • Tried with multiple apps; not working: “Cannot download this app. …”.

  • Kai Tracid

    thank you friend

  • athul

    how to download with internet download manager???

  • Hello. This extension is not working. I click “Download APK” and nothing happens.

  • Sergiusz Brzeziński

    2.1.9 still not working. The button changes to “Downloading…” and… nothing happen.

  • Epe Li

    Three versions and still not working for me (firefox). Have changed device etc. Have to use third party sources. 🙁

  • Lee YEUN SIN

    cant download 2.1.9, click APK downloader icon nothing happen, no link to any file or site

  • Chun-hui Lee

    2.1.9 still not working, please kindly revise the addon

  • Serg S

    2.1.9 still not working, please kindly revise the addon

  • Frank

    2.1.9 works well when downloading ordinary apps but region-limited apps are still unavailable even with a VPN connected. I’ll appreciate it if you can consider fixing it, thanks a lot.

  • samuel maharjan

    2.1.9 update doesnt work

  • Kato

    Version 2.1.9 isn’t working with region-limited apps which VPN is connected. It’s a HUGE ISSUE.
    Please consider fixing it, I’ll appreciate it. 😀

  • Erin

    Version 2.1.9 isn’t working with region-limited apps which VPN is connected. It’s a HUGE ISSUE.
    Please consider fixing it, I’ll appreciate it.

  • Rabison

    Plz fix application
    version 2.1.9 isn’t work for any apk. same in firefox and chrome

  • Mustafa Yavuz

    2.1.9 still not working…

  • BillA

    APK Downloader v2.1.9 Chome extension has stopped working since about a week now.
    Tried it on different computers and with different active google accounts but it just hangs.
    Any suggestions, or google has stopped it again? (those bastards!! lol)
    Also, would it be possible to include newer API version higher than 23?

  • Seto

    The same here. It just hangs.

    • BillA

      I hope the developer RedPhoenix89 is ok, let’s all wish him well, and pledge our support.
      We would like to continue using this great app, cuz he’s the best!!

  • Ринат Рамзес

    RedPhoenix89, please fix APK Downloader.

  • 2.1.10 is now available. Sorry for making you wait.

    • Yaroslav

      2.1.10 is not work now. Pls fix asap.

  • BillA

    Thanks RedPhx!!

    /* ADD */
    “version”: “2.1.10”,

    /* REMOVE */
    , marketDA;

    if ((marketDA = /MarketDA..(d+)/.exec(data))) {
    marketDA = marketDA[1];

    url: appUrl,
    name: ‘MarketDA’,
    value: marketDA
    }, function() {

    url: redirectUrl,
    name: ‘MarketDA’,
    value: marketDA
    }, function() {

    /* ADD */
    ’24’: ‘Nougat 7.0′,
    ’25’: ‘Nougat 7.1’

    Boom!! Done!! 😉

  • BIGO Live

    Anyone get ERROR now?

  • tom

    I get error also. 🙁

  • Yaroslav

    2.1.10 is not work now. Pls fix asap.

  • ixiaofei

    anyone get “cannot download this app”

  • Ko Ram

    @redphx:disqus i want to inform you that apk downloader seem like cant use right now, hope you can fix it asap, and thanks for you share a such useful extension for us… thank you very much

    • BillA

      It started working again, just tested it today 🙂

      • Ko Ram

        thanks for the inform, I try it and it work again 🙂

  • Lê Bảo Hiệp

    Tự hào Việt Nam 🙂

  • Seth Rich

    Can I get some feedback here? Does version 2.1.10 version for Chrome work? It’s not working for me. I’ve created a google account, have logged into it, changed the settings to allow for less-secure devices, I have an android TV box where I’ve installed Device ID app, I have the GSF ID (and the Android Device ID, but it’s not specifically stated anywhere but I think the GSF ID is what the APK downloader extension uses).

    And it’s not stated anywhere if the GSF ID has to be recognized or registered with google. So I logged into google play store on the android box using the google account I created and downloaded an app just to make sure it works. So the GSF ID must be good for google. But using the chrome extension it says the username (google email) and/or password are not correct – but I know they are! This is the first time I’m trying the apk downloader so I really don’t know if it ever worked or if version .10 is now no longer working.

    And by the way, there is no link to version 10 that I can see anywhere on codekiem website. So I found it here: prosmart . by/hot_news/16188-apk-downloader-20 . html

    I have no idea if that’s the “real” chrome version .10 extension or not. If it isin’t, then someone post a link to it.

  • Ko Ram

    seem like apk downloader cant download apps again, @redphx:disqus please check for it thanks you very much 🙂

  • Sergey

    cant download apps again

  • Mustafa Yavuz

    cant download apps again

    • BillA

      Same here too.

  • Leong Wen Pin

    cant login=.=” pls fix thx

  • tom

    don’t work for me.. @redphx:disqus please fix.

  • dyah benita mahardifa

    seems like it needs new update. couple few weeks not working

    • BillA

      I have tried reinstalling the previous version 2.1.9, which worked for a couple of downloads but now that has stopped too. Looks like Goo-gaa-gaa (lol) keeps changing something in their api, but redphx usually comes up with a fix. Maybe he’s just busy at the moment, so lets wait patiently.

  • Andy Pramoedya Soedarsono

    Looks like you need to update the app again, I’ve created 2 app password for this from Google but the login was rejected, many times,
    Thank you for your attention

    • BillA

      Has anybody tried the FireFox extension version? I wonder if that one works…

  • Do we also get source code of it?

  • SAKA

    “Cannot download this app.
    You can’t download apps that aren’t compatible with your device or not available in your country.
    Try to change your device config in the Options page.
    If you think this is a mistake, please report it to me via email.”
    APK Downloader extension not working. Please fix it.

  • klaptun

    I have “ERROR: authentication failed. Incorrect username or password” both with my account data, and yours, given above. :-(( I’m afraid that’s a kind of bug… I use Chrome for Linux and installed Version 2.1.10 of your app

    • BillA

      It’s not a bug, but google has changed the authentication api, and only redphx can fix it.
      Miss this app so much, used to use it every day…

      • scott

        So No way to fix it? no other app or plugin does this?

    • ShanjeetSingh

      same problem here

  • Ahsen

    Seems like this extension is dead now.

  • I write analog on php, if somebody need I can provide a http link for download apk files in private message…

    • tom

      Please can you give me the link?

    • Tmp Tmp

      Please can you give me the link, too?

    • please send me

  • mmu_man

    Hi, I wanted to see if I could help with the WebExtensions port, but I didn’t find an official repository with the code, only
    Lekensteyn’s year-old version on github and its 72 forks. Would you mind creating an official one on github or elsewhere so we can send patches? 😉

    • mmu_man

      I don’t know if you actually have a proper history yourself, if not you’d probably want to fork Lekensteyn on github and add the newer sources as new commits.

  • NOt working. Unable to login.

  • Lory Mecx Allei

    Can` log in. Settings are correct. v.2.1.9 for FF and 3.0 for Chrome.

  • B4

    Updated to latest version (2.1.10), doesn’t log in.

  • Vender Pellegus

    Вы лучше бы такую программу на андроид сделали!
    И, да, если вы создатели Market Helper, то знайте – эта программа – полный отстой!!!!

    • BillA

      It used to work fine, but Google has changed their API, and now it needs an update.

  • b_one

    2.1.10 does not work, “access for less secure apps” i use 2 step auth so…. i have valid password for app and i use it, still does not work

  • Guest

    Does not work. Please update.

  • Corneliu Comendant

    Still doesn’t work. Tried with a few different emails. Nothing useful.

  • Rava

    I cannot log in using my own @, my password and my GSF ID. I set “allow less secure apps”, I tried setting up an App-password but my Google Account tells me that my Account doesn’t support “App-Passwords”, I logged in via my Smartphone and also via PC/Chrome, but to no avail. Any ideas what could solve my issue?