How to download Android games APK & OBB files from PC

If you want to download games APK & OBB files ( aka APK Expansion Files ) from PC, follow these steps:

  1. Install APK Downloader on your Chrome / Firefox browser. Make sure your configuration is correct.
  2. Open Google Play Store, find the game you want to download. Press “Download APK” to start downloading game files.

  3. Copy those files into your phone’s SD card.
    • For APK file: install it. But don’t run the game yet.
    • For OBB files: Copy these file into /SDCARD/Android/obb/<package-name>/ , with <package-name> is the package name of your game.
  4. Run the game.

Enjoy 🙂

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  • shaheen288


  • Abhishek Nigam

    I faced problem with “Godfire: Rise of Prometheus”. I downloaded apk and obb files, then installed game, copied obb in the location you mentioned. Even then the game attempted to download the obb file by itself, any reasons ?

    • yohow

      you should copy first the obb file before installing the game

      • Abhishek Nigam

        I did exactly that.
        I was only explaining that the location while copying was exactly whats mentioned. Copying was done before installing.

        • Hi. Few days ago Google changed the API so it stopped returning obb files. This change caused the problem. I’m working on a fix. Expect an update tomorrow. Sorry about that.

          • Atom Bennett

            Any update on this? I get stuck on load screen

          • Fijo Francis

            Any Update??

  • ari wuryanto

    nice post.its works ,great

  • Rochishnu Das

    I cannot download the obb files. There’s only a popup for the apk downloads,but no option to download obb files.
    this is strange since I could previously download the obb files also. I have tried reinstalling the app but it still doesn’t work. Could anyone please help ?

    • JoeF

      I can’t download OBBs, either. Are you saying it worked with a previous version?

  • Robert Kydd

    I run a Samsung Note 4, when I download the apk. I get the following message Cannot download this app.
    Login session has expired or your email and device ID are incorrect/not activated on Google Play app. I’ve tried my password, your options and application specific password. It is running 4.4 Regards

  • Tobias Wenig

    Thanks for this great tool! Somehow my “old” mobile is not supported by playstore anymore. I am not really accepting the fact to put a good phone to the garbage because of that and your APK-downloader is perfect to still get apps to the phone in a secure way. I tried to use APK download in Linux with firefox. It seems to work and at least I never get any error, but I also do not get any APK file after pressing the download button…

    Thanks a lot for any help

  • Casanova Adee

    “Cannot download this app.
    You can’t download apps that aren’t compatible with your device or not available in your country.
    Try to change your device config in the Options page.
    If you think this is a mistake, please report it to me via email.”
    i am from India and i am trying to download the apps which i already did once. i tried many other apps but nothing is happening. help me out.

  • Kai Tracid

    Hello. APK Downloader extension not working. Please fix.