How to download Android games APK & OBB files from PC

If you want to download games APK & OBB files ( aka APK Expansion Files ) from PC, follow these steps:

  1. Install APK Downloader on your Chrome / Firefox browser. Make sure your configuration is correct.
  2. Open Google Play Store, find the game you want to download. Press “Download APK” to start downloading game files.

  3. Copy those files into your phone’s SD card.
    • For APK file: install it. But don’t run the game yet.
    • For OBB files: Copy these file into /SDCARD/Android/obb/<package-name>/ , with <package-name> is the package name of your game.
  4. Run the game.

Enjoy :)

[Official] APK Downloader v2 – Download APK files from Google Play Store to PC

( this page will be opened everytime APK Downloader is updated to the latest version. Scroll down for the changelogs )

The lastest version of Official APK Downloader is here. Now supports Firefox

APK Downloader is a Google Chrome extension / Firefox addon that allows you to download Android APK files from Google Play Store (Android Market) to your PC

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Cách phát hiện các site đặt like FB ẩn

Dạo này thấy trên FB bàn tán chuyện nhiều site chơi đểu, câu like rẻ tiền bằng cách đặt nút like ẩn ngay dưới con trỏ chuột (, … )

Nếu bạn chưa biết nó là gì thì có thể đọc bài phân tích về vấn đề này, thấy cũng hay.

Sau khi đọc xong thì máu vọc nổi lên, ngồi viết cái script này, mục đích là để hiện nút like ẩn ra, tạm đặt tên là FB Like Dectector vậy :D

Nếu cài đặt thành công thì nút like sẽ hiện ra như trong hình


Cách cài đặt:

Với Chrome:
1. Download file:
2. Mở trang chrome://extensions/
3. Kéo file vừa tạo vào tab trang trên
4. Vào thử các trang có đặt link ẩn, không di chuyển chuột trong vài giây :D

Với Firefox:

1. Cài addon Greasemonkey:
2. Restart FF
3. Vào link:
4. Nhấn Install
5. Vào thử các trang có đặt link ẩn, không di chuyển chuột trong vài giây :D

Đây là mình viết nhanh nên chưa thể chính xác + tối ưu được, nếu có thời gian sẽ nghiên cứu thêm :D

Cập nhật 30/10: vừa sửa lại là sau khi nút like sẽ hiện ra, nó sẽ tự động bị xóa đi sau 2 giây. Bạn nào hôm qua cài rồi thì xóa đi cài lại

Để trở thành người sử dụng facebook thông minh, hãy sử dụng code này của Quan Le :D

Have fun

Market Helper – spoof your Android device to download incompatible apps from the Android Market


*** USE AT YOUR OWN RISK *** I’ll not take responsibility for anything happen to you or your account


( I’ll add some nice features for stock/non-rooted devices in later version )

What is this?

Market Helper is a tool for Android that helps users to be able to change/fake their rooted devices to any other devices. For example, it can turn your Nexus 7 into Samsung Galaxy S3 in a few seconds. No reboot is required.

Why do I need to use this?

To download and install incompatible apps from Android Market / Google Play Market on your devices. For example, if you want to install Viber on your Nexus 7, switch it to Samsung Galaxy S3 and you’ll can. Or if you change your DPI value, you’ll find this app very useful.

( I’ll update this section later ;P )

Why is this app awesome?

– It DOES NOT touch your build.prop or any system files so it’s easier and safer.

– You don’t have to reboot the device to update the change.

– You can switch back your device to original state anytime, by using “Restore” feature or simply by rebooting your device ( with wifi/3g is enabled )

– Totally free

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Top Facebook Stalkers

Đặt gạch, lười viết quá…


Với Chrome:
1. Download file:
2. Mở trang chrome://extensions/
3. Kéo file vừa tạo vào tab trang trên
4. F5 trang home Facebook
5. ???

Với Firefox:
1. Cài addon Greasemonkey:
2. Restart FF
3. Vào link:
4. Nhấn Install
5. F5 trang home Facebook
6. ???

Activate your device on Google Play

Update 02/13/2013: If you’re using Android 2.3+ on a rooted device, please try Market Helper

I know there’s a problem that if you’re using an stock Android device that doesn’t have Google Play ( Android Market ) installed ( likes Kindle Fire, Nook Color… ) you won’t have a valid Android ID for APK Downloader. So I’m working on an app that helps you activate your device on Google Play, and then get an Android ID.

It worked on my device so far, but I couldn’t find a stock Kindle Fire or any non-Android Market devices to test it. So if you’re using one and willing to test, please drop me an email at redphoenix89[at]yahoo[dot]com and tell me which device you’re using. It still needs some more work, and I’ll inform you right away when it’s done.

Hope you’ll find this interesting and useful.

[Official] APK Downloader – Download APK files from Android Market to PC

Version 2.0 is available. View this blog for more information.


Update 02/13/2013: If you’re using Android 2.2+ on a rooted device and having problem downloading incompatible apps, please try Market Helper

First: this project is made for my personal needs, then I decide to publish it because I think some people may need it. This is not a tool for pirating. It’s good or bad depend on how you use it. Please don’t make me look bad because of this.

This is the official page of APK Downloader. Do not download the extension from other sources.

Use at your own risk. I’ll not take responsibility for anything happen to you or your account.

APK Downloader is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to download Android APK files from Android Market to your PC

See it in action:

Download and Install: View this page for version 2.0

After installed APK Downloader, you’ll need to follow these steps in able to use it

I. Enter email and device ID on Options page

1. There are two ways to get Email and Device ID

a. Easy way: install this Device ID app, it will show you your emails and Device ID

b. Difficult way: Open dial pad, call *#*#8255#*#* ( 8255 = TALK ). If it opens “GTalk Service Monitor”, find lines that begin with JID and Device ID. Your email is JID, and your device id is a string that after android- prefix

For example: if it shows android-1234567890abcdef , then your device ID is 1234567890abcdef

Do not type in random email or device ID, it won’t work

2. Enter your email’s password, then press Login. If everything is ok, now you can use APK Downloader

III. Start using

After finished two steps above, you can start using APK Downloader. Open Android Market, view any FREE apps ( for example: Simple Text ), then press the APK Downloader icon on address bar ( see screenshot )


  • Is is against Android Market’s ToS?
    - I’m afraid that it is. Please read Section 3.3 for more information. So again, you at your own risk.
  • Where is the Options page?
    – Click on the Wrench icon on the toolbar, go to Tools -> Extensions. Find APK Downloader. At the end of its description, you’ll see a link to Options page.
  • Why do I have to enter my email, password and device ID? Does it store or send my password to another place?
    –  The extension only stores email, device id and Android Market cookie in Chrome local storage, on your computer. To be able to get Android Market cookie, it needs your email and password to login at . After it’s done, password is not stored, email is stored to display on Options page, Device ID and Cookie are stored for later requests. I do not send those information to another sites.
  • Why don’t you just put one account in the extension, so we don’t have to use our information ?
    - That’s good for users, but not for developers like us. For example, when 1000 users download same app, it only counts 1.
  • Again, do you collect our information?
  • - I don’t want to get into trouble by collecting users information, so I try not to have it in any way. The only thing I’m collecting is which apps are downloaded by users. You can view the source code to make sure about this.
  • Can it download paid apps?
  • - No, of course not, unless you purchased it with your logged account before. Please remember this isn’t a tool for pirating.
  • Why do you make this extension?
    - I’m an Android developer. While working on my new project, I have to decompile some apps on Android Market. Everytime I want to decompile one, I have to download it to my phone, use Astro to backup it to SDCard, connect phone to PC, then copy the apk file. That’s a really long and painful to me, because I have to do it over and over again. That’s why I come up with this idea.

V. Changelogs:

  • 1.4.3: 07/16/2013
    • Supports new Google Play layout. Note: if you have problems, switch to English language
  • 1.4.2: 03/04/2013
    • This version is made by Stephan SchmitzPeter Wu from this repository. Big thanks to them. I’m planning adding more features in the future.
  • 1.2.1: 03/07/2012
    • Switches from to
  • 1.2: 02/27/2012
    • Disable download button on paid apps
    • New feature: Change sim operator
  • 1.0: 02/24/2012
    • Initial version

I wanna say thanks to @alexandre_t for his Android Market APIStephan Schmitz and Peter Wu for making the updated version

It took me 1 week to finish this, so hope you guys enjoy this :)

You can contact me at: redphoenix89 [ at ] yahoo [ dot ] com

Greetings from Vietnam :)

ThemeX – Extract icons, wallpapers, docks… from GO/ADW Launcher Themes


Market Link:

This app will help you save items from GO Launcher, ADW Launcher EX themes like icons, wallpaper, dock… to SDCard easily, so you don’t have to extract the apk file manually. After saving, you can uninstall those themes to save storage space

You don’t have to install GO Launcher EX or ADW Launcher EX to use this app.

How to use:
1. Install GO Launcher/ADW Launcher Theme that you want to extract items from.
2. Open ThemeX
3. Select theme
4. Select items you want to extract, then press save.
5. Done :D

Will Support LP Launcher, GO Locker themes… soon

Some screenshots:



#1.1.1: 03/03/2012
– Supports multiple wallpapers
– Optimizes performance
– Bug fixes

#1.1: 02/18/2012
– Supports ADW Launcher EX themes
– Optimizes performance
– Bug fixes

#1.0: 02/12/2012
– Initial version

Hope you guys like it, and don’t forget to leave a comment or rating :)

Sử dụng ProGuard với Android Compatibility Library

Nếu bạn bật ProGuard khi build app Android có sử dụng  Android Compatibility Library thì có khả năng bạn sẽ gặp lỗi sau:

[2012-02-12 16:50:52 – Theme Extractor] Proguard returned with error code 1. See console
[2012-02-12 16:50:52 – Theme Extractor] Warning:$1: can’t find superclass or interface android.view.View$AccessibilityDelegate
[2012-02-12 16:50:52 – Theme Extractor] Warning:$1: can’t find superclass or interface android.view.accessibility.AccessibilityManager$AccessibilityStateChangeListener
[2012-02-12 16:50:52 – Theme Extractor] Warning: can’t find referenced method ‘boolean getCanRetrieveWindowContent()’ in class android.accessibilityservice.AccessibilityServiceInfo

Cách khắc phục: Thêm dòng sau vào file proguard.cfg trong thư mục gốc của project



Khắc phục lỗi “PI must not start with xml”

Hôm nay khi thử đọc một file XML bằng XmlPullParser thì gặp một lỗi khá lạ:

02-08 20:00:47.762: W/System.err(6966): org.xmlpull.v1.XmlPullParserException: PI must not start with xml (position:unknown @1:5 in

Thử mở file xml bằng Notepad++ thì không thấy gì bất thường, nhưng mở bằng Hex Editor thì phát hiện:

Cách khắc phục đơn giản là tìm cách xóa em BOM đó đi là xong :D

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